Motivating Mum Tiffany Scholes has lost over an amazing 12kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares how she over came a very personal battle.

So my first month as a Motivating Mum for Lose Baby Weight, has been fantastic! Its such a motivator.
Id like to get deep down & personal as I know I’m not the only one and many other mums/women don’t open up and actually over eat because of their childhoods.
I was sexually abused by my stepfather, from a very young age! This is why I have over eaten , this is why I emotionally ate 24/7. I didnt actually admit that I ate so  much until recently, as I’v realised ”yes, I’m the one who put it in my mouth” but I also had a reason behind it.I’m not using that as a blunt excuse, its an actual reason to why I ate the way i did. I was vulnerable, sad, angry, destroyed and deeply hurt that my mother chose him. I use to hide how much food i ate, how much soft drink I’d skull out of the bottle and all the nibblies in between!!! I turned to drugs and alcohol at the age of 12, i moved from state to state, i was very unstable-during this period i did lose weight (not intentionally) but i remember feeling like i was no one and nothing to anyone, my life was not worth it anymore, I tried to take my life and it just wasn’t my time to go.
I then met my now husband (scott) on christmas day 9yrs ago as i was a guest as I had no family, since then my whole world changed. He knew I had big issues, he stood by me and helped sort them out one by one! I fell pregnant with my first daughter, I stopped drugs, grog, partying etc everything!!!
But i was an absolute mess inside, and I’m pretty sure everyone knew it! But the happy ending is, we now have 4 gorgeous, very talented and smart daughters, we are happily married and raising our girls as good as we can. They are not surrounded by the awful binge eating, takeaway foods, soft drinks etc….. they are NOT the old me!!! I felt so guilty within myself all these years for eating my life away, but was to stubborn to admit it. Lose Baby Weight has changed it all, my life is in one piece, my whole family eats healthy and not stack loads!!
I guess I’m trying to say, there’s millions of people out there who have has something bad happen to them and end up taking it out on food, as that’s our first instant reaction and I’m saying you don’t have to, -seek help, don’t let food take over your life, because I/we/you deserve better!!! Iv learnt that i am worth my life, you are worth your life!!! Food will keep controlling us if we don’t admit to our darkest secrets & over come the guilt!
I’m thankful for Lose Baby Weight, and the support group as its helped me so much, my entire life has done a 360 turn and its all for the better!
Thank you for reading
Much love, Tiffany xx
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