Hi Mums! I have lost 19kg* with Lose Baby Weight.
WOW!! I can’t believe July is already coming to an end. And what an AMAZING MONTH it has been.
Lose Baby Weight-19kg Loss

My name is Tiffany and i have been having the best month as a July Motivating Mum, I’ve pushed myself alot this month and am feeling more alive and active than all the previous months put together. All of the hardwork is defintely paying off.
I am 29,163cm, have 2 children, last one via emergency c-section. Start weight was 90.3kg and I’m currently sitting on 71.4kg.
I have lost a total of 18+kg* and 146cm* since following Lose Baby Weight in December 2014, and have lost 3+kg* and 10+cm* just in this month.
I am less than 2kg away from my next goal of 70kg, and will be at a 20kg+* loss when i reach it. Woohoo!
I have enjoyed all of the recipes i have made from the 28 Dday Weightloss Challenge, I haven’t  tried as many as i would’ve liked to but only because i already have a pretty good sense of what to cook/make that is healthy, and I’m using up the ingredients i already have.
Lose Baby Weight has taught me alot about portions, calories, and all of the important stuff you need to know in order to get by and live a healthier lifestyle.
I set myself a goal of 5KM a day for July and so far here are my results which i am extremely proud of.
1st July- 26th July                                             My FITBIT Results 28/06/15–26/07/15
Jogged- 70.80KM                                             Steps- 477,620
Walked- 114.89KM                                          Distance- 321.79KM
Cycled- 91.31KM                                              Active Min- 2,269.
Total=  277KM!!!
And I have Logged 653KM through Runkeeper since 21/01/15.
best ways to lose weight
I haven’t been doing as much of the Challenge exercises as I would have like to for this month, but only because I chose to walk/jog/cycle more which I find to be lower impact for my back but still gives me  results. I’m listening to my body and although I am pushing myself alot i don’t overdo it too much. If I do overdo it I would be out of action and in pain,…and nobody likes pain lol.
I have registered for my first ever fun run/walk on Aug 2nd which i am really excited about, I decided to do the 8km and will be jogging the whole way. I will have a great feeling of accomplishment when i finish it.
I plan on keeping up with my daily activities and will try and get out as much as i can.
I will continue to have my morning Healthy Mummy smoothie almost every day and eat well most of the time.
It still amazes me how far I have come but I know that things can only get better!!!
Thankyou again Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy Team!!
Tiffany xx

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