Hi Healthy Mummy’s!!! I am a motivating mum for July and I have lost 30kg* with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss
How is everyone going after their first week of the July challenge? How yummy is all the food!!!!! The team have truly outdone themselves this challenge I think!
Looking forward to seeing what the next 3 weeks bring and I am most looking forward to seeing everyone’s results on the challenge. J
So nearly two weeks into July and I am well on track to walk 80kms during the month of July.
So far I have walked 29kms but next weekend I will be competing in the Sydney Sutherland to Surf 11km fun run/walk.
I can’t wait because this is my first ever walking/running event. I have never walked 11kms continuously so wish me luck ladies!!!
I have been thinking about this blog for a couple of days now and wondering what to write about. After attending a cocktail party this week for my husband’s work and eating and drinking a little too much I have decided to write about straying from healthy eating but then picking right up where you left off.
There will always be times in life where there will be events/birthday parties or unexpected eating out.
lose baby weight
Lose Baby Weight has taught me that this isn’t a diet but a complete lifestyle change and way of life.
I love eating healthy, drinking my Healthy Mummy Smoothies and exercising. But I also enjoy going out.
I may have strayed from my calories for a night and also felt a bit sick the next day but I also enjoyed myself. Lose Baby Weight has equipped me with the skills and the knowledge to pick right up the next day and keep going.
Having one bad night doesn’t lead to a few bad days anymore for me. It’s just one night out of hundreds of good ones!
The biggest realisation for me in using the Lose Baby Weight plans and products is that losing weight is a journey and it takes time.
We will stumble on the path and there will often be temptation, but it’s about how we pick ourselves up and get back on the wagon that counts the most.
Life is for living and I don’t know about everyone else but I want to keep living my life and enjoying myself whilst I lose weight!
So with that in mind, let’s lose our baby weight and make the July 28 day challenge the best ever!!
Tamara xoxox

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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Eliza lost 22kg* (48 pounds*) on 4 Challenges
Lose Baby Weight Results
Eliza says “I started in September with my first 28 Day Weightloss Challenge. I lost 8 kg* that month. So far I have lost 22 kg*. But it is what I have gained which will make me a supporter for life!
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