Motivating Mum Samantha Stevenson has lost an amazing 12kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares what she has learnt on her weight loss journey.Lose_Baby_Weight_12kg_loss
I have decided I have no ‘wagon’. There is nothing for me to ‘fall off’.
Nothing for me to ‘get back on’.
Nothing for me to feel guilty about.
There is just my ‘journey’. I hear that word a lot and I always thought it was a bit wanky. But I really can’t find a better word to describe my life and what I’m going through at the moment. Weight gain effects our lives in ways we never thought possible, but with the negatives there are a hell of a lot of positives too. I’ve learnt a few things throughout this ‘journey’ of mine:

  • I am a strong woman. I’m not talking lifting weights, I’m referring to my ability to overcome obstacles,  overcome adversity and take whatever life has to throw at me.
  •  I love and care about myself more than I realised. I do actually care about my own happiness and strive for this now.
  • My husband is not embarrassed about my weight.  I am. He sees the difference in my confidence since losing 13.6kg. He notices how differently I interact with him. And he sees me smile.
  • I have more patients and I cope with stress better. Since taking time out for me  to exercise, I find this natural stress relief makes me cope with daily stresses easier.  We still have money issues, we still worry about our son, elderly parents etc. But I find things don’t get under my skin as easily as they used to. Things seem more achievable now.
  • I am responsible for my weight. Yes I have IBS. Yes I have nodules on my thyroid glands. And yes I’ve had 4 children.  But I decide what I put in my mouth. I decide how much exercise I get. I decide how truly happy I deserve to be.
  • I’m not saying any of this is easy. It’s bloody hard. It’s rewarding and devastating all at the same time. We are rewarded with our weightloss but devastated because it’s not coming off quick enough or that we just ate a chocolate biscuit.

Lose Baby Weight has given me the tools to take control of my life again. The confidence to move forward and to celebrate my successes.
One foot in front of the other.
We are all strong woman. Don’t let your ‘wagon’ derail you.
Smile. Laugh. Live.  You are worth it.
Sam. x
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