Hi everyone ,
I hope you’ve all had a great week kicking your weight loss goals! My week has been fantastic and I have managed to lose another 700g this week! I know it may not seem like much but I have noticed that when I am exercising more my weight doesn’t seem to budge however my measurements do get smaller.
I’d encourage everyone to make sure they are keeping track of their measurements because this has been the biggest motivator for me to see the cm drop off my body.
With Christmas approaching I have had to have discussions with family members about the meals we will be having on Christmas day.
Whilst it may seem easier to just write the day off and eat whatever, I have made the decision to continue my clean, healthy eating throughout the day.
The Lose Baby Weight website has so many ideas and recipes for how to create a healthy Christmas meal that is still oh so yummy and doesn’t put you behind in your weight loss journey.
By making simple substitutions meals can be completely transformed. The thing I love about this is that the reduced sugar means I will be more comfortable sharing desserts with my 17 month old so that he can fully enjoy what everybody else is on Christmas day
As my children get slightly older I have noticed that the more we are outside the happier both of them and myself are. Three months ago I started walking with them three times a week and it has been the best decision I have made in a long time. I used to be the person that HATED exercising, especially outside.
I would only exercise in a fully air conditioned room and only when I was feeling like an elephant. I now adore being outside and looking at the world through my children’s eyes. I would recommend that anyone in a similar situation to me should try not thinking of it as ‘going for a walk to lose weight’ but instead look at it as taking your children outside to explore. My fitness now is incredible compared to what it used to be and there is no way I am going back to being lazy – I enjoy life too much!
The past fortnight I have found the 28 Day Plan to be an absolute Godsend. Not having to think about my shopping lists or what I will have to eat has made life so much easier in such a busy time of year. I love being able to just open the plan up and be told exactly what I need and how to do it and not having to think about the calorie content or whether or not I have the ingredients for it. All of the recipes are delicious and nutritious and are so simple to make!
This fortnight I have lost:

  • WEIGHT: 700g (total 12kg since being on Lose Baby Weight)
  • BUST: 1cm (now 97cm)
  • WAIST: 3cm (now 84cm)
  • HIPS: 1cm (now 101cm)
  • THIGHS: 3cm (now 64cm)

Hope you have a wonderful week and kick your weight loss goals in the behind!!
Rhiannan xx
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