Motivating mum Rebecca Glen has lost of 15kg and is motivating us through April while she continues to lose baby weight.
Lose Baby Weight - 15kg loss
“I know it gets talked about a lot. However I think it’s an important discussion and that is why I’m going to focus my mid-month blog on the current stage of my journey and that’s the dreaded plateau! I see almost daily posts of frustrated mummies asking why they haven’t lost weight or that they have lost all motivation and are ready to give up. I totally get it! I really do because I have felt exactly the same way.  Each time the question is asked it’s answered pretty much the same way… Either how you shouldn’t trust the scales, the scales are liars, or that it’s likely you have lost weight but gained muscle. You know what those answers have never made me feel better about the horrid plateau because it is hard not to get down when you have a goal number in mind and weeks or months pass by and you haven’t lost a thing yet seemingly everyone else is. You’re asking yourself why? Why not me???!!!!
My background story is that I have lost around 15 kilos so far. I didn’t own scales when I first joined so don’t know my exact starting weight however about a month in I weighed in at 77kgs and am now sitting around 64. I lost the initial weight surprisingly pretty easily in about 4 months. However the next 2 months have seen all weight loss completely stall despite the fact I have about another 10 kgs to lose before I reach my ultimate goal. I have read every article, taken aboard every little bit of advice offered, tried not focussing on the scales and still nothing I have done has made a difference or seen those numbers start dropping again. The frustration at an all time high given I am merely a couple of hundred grams off no longer falling into the overweight category which was one of my ultimate dream goals when I first signed up. I eat really well with very few slip ups and most days succeed in making my 10k step goal as well as the challenge exercises or going for a quick run. So I eat well, exercise, meet my calorie goals… So again I ask why? Why am I still not losing weight? Why can’t a finally break out of this plateau?

So about a month ago I made the decision that despite the frustration I would not give up! I don’t see myself as overweight now anyway and in fact I am at a stage where I am really happy with my body. I know my flaws and I know I still have work to do so made the decision to shift my focus to toning up. So despite having not lost any weight I can honestly say that I have seen some of the biggest positive changes to my body and mind during these last two months  of my plateau, the last month in particular. I feel fitter, stronger and leaner. I am dropping centimetres rather than grams and am happy within myself. All things the scales can’t possibly measure. So you know what I simply don’t care what it says any more!
I do admit I still have days where I stop and think the weight isn’t coming off anyway so why would it matter if I ate that packet of chips or doughnut? Then realise you know what it does matter! It matters because I now know if I don’t fuel my body properly then I will soon slip back to my old ways and I also have the belief that if I continue fuelling my body with the healthy nutritious meals from the challenges and continuing moving my body and exercising then eventually my body will catch up and drop those extra kilos but in the mean time I’m going to take any drop as a huge win.
So please ladies if you find yourself in a similar situation. Don’t give up! Make sure you get out that measuring tape, get out the camera and take some new progress shots and then compare them and see just how far you have came on your own journey and most importantly don’t focus on that number on the scales especially if it’s starting to depress you (have the scales hidden if need be). I have included a progress shot from when I first started, a photo from a month ago and a photo just taken for this blog in the hopes that it can help others see that whilst you may not be seeing the results you want on the scales it doesn’t mean that you aren’t making progress in general. So please just keep at it!”
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