Motivating mum Rae has been following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans the healthy mummy smoothies and 28 Day Weightloss Challenges with great success and she has transformed her body and they way she see’s food – and has lost over 15kg.
Today she is sharing her top tips with us on how to stay on track, over to you Rae:

I thought today was a good day to share some of the tips that have been the most helpful to me and have helped me to be so successful.

Take progress pictures

It seems like such a simple thing to do but my progress pictures have been a constant source of motivation- especially when the scales do not reflect the hard work and commitment that you put in.

Drink water

Lots of it. You may think that you are drinking enough water but often we are not! Being a busy mum means you get side tracked and we often forget. You can see some tips here on how to increase your water intake and throw in some green tea in too!

Buddy up

Having someone with you on the journey who knows your struggles is so very helpful. I have made so many friends throughout this journey who have helped to inspire and guide me. The occasional butt kick helps too! You can find a buddy through the Private Facebook Support Group 

This is a lifestyle

Not a prison sentence. Make good choices more than you make bad ones but don’t beat yourself up over the not so great ones. Pick yourself up and get your sweat on instead. Having your family on board to will help make your journey alot easier as well.

Move your body

Wherever and whenever you can. Park further away and walk, use a basket instead of a trolley, squat when bathing your kids or hanging out the washing, have an impromptu dance party. Just wiggle. All the time! You will be amazed at the amount of incidental exercise that you can fit into your day.

Find YOUR balance

What works for me and my schedule probably won’t work for you. Your not me. I’m not you. Do what works for YOU. No comparisons. They’re not worth it and can often send you backwards on your journey, Just do you and you will have great success.

Most importantly-Be your own cheerleader

Don’t look to others to validate you. Be proud of yourself!! Love yourself. Know you are worthy because you are-No, really you are. Xx
If you’ve made it this far!
Rae xxx
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