Motivating Mum Raw Willingham has lost an amazing with Lose Baby Weight and talks about overcoming her excuses.

I’m too tired
I have not one but two of those high needs babies
I’m still breastfeeding
I’ve never been athletic
I love my food too much
My baby still isn’t sleeping through
I want to have more children so why start now
I have genetically bad knees so exercise is out
My husband loves me the way I am
The girls in my family are all big boned
Not many people have 2 babies in 18 months
Excuse. After excuse. After excuse. This was me before I discovered Lose Baby Weight in July. I am sure that I am not the only one who has used excuses to put off starting a new lifestyle. Yours might not be the same, but I’ll bet your list is as long as mine. But I was happy right? I had a great life, a super husband, two gorgeous girls and lovely home, a loving family, great friends.
The truth was that it was all a farce. I was not happy. Not even a little bit. I smiled but my smile never quite got to my eyes. I loved my friends over the telephone but would think off every excuse to not have to go out and see them. My poor girls mainly, someone was sick, teething, grumpy, clingy.
My marriage was crumbling, I was a shadow of my former self, I would have been horrendous to live with, moody, upset, not at all interested in affection. I can’t thank my husband enough for all that he put up with over the last few years. I am so very blessed to be married to such a patient and caring man.
I took a before picture of myself in my knickers and sobbed for hours. It was in that moment that I knew that things had to change. I started a diet in May and lost 4 kgs, yah. Then put it all back on because I didn’t have the skills or the knowledge that I needed to not just loose the weight but to change my life. I discovered Lose Baby Weight in July and have never looked back.
They have given me all that I need to ensure that this is not just about getting to a certain weight. It is all about learning to nourish my body and treat it with the respect that it deserves. I have said goodbye to 15kgs forever and become the happiest and healthiest me that I have ever been. My smile lights up my face because it comes from within. I am happy down to the very soles of my feet.
Throw away those excuses. You don’t need them. What you need is to feel like I do, confident, sassy, reborn.
It won’t be easy, you will stumble and lose faith and want to smash the scales with a mallet some days. But please keep going because the end result is so very worth it.
Rae xx
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