Rae Willingham shares her mid month blog with Lose Baby Weight and talks about hitting a plateau.
Hi fellow Lose Baby Weight Mummys,
I cannot believe that we are nearly half way through this month already. Time flies when you’re having fun!
This month has been a real rollercoaster for me. A week into my time as a Motivating Mum I had a bit of a low spot and was feeling like a bit of a sham.
I have been stuck at 63kgs for about 3 weeks. I have upped my water, lowered my water, checked my BMR, done more exercise and nothing has helped me! I had developed a bit of a scale addiction and was weighing in everyday and just getting more and more frustrated. I really felt that I had let you all down. Then I had an amazing light bulb moment. Throughout my plateau struggle I have not once given up and for that I am really proud.
Prior to Lose Baby Weight I would have thrown in the towel but my whole mentality towards food and exercise has changed. I’m not going to throw all my hard work away. Yes, I am having a bad patch but I am loving eating such amazing food and feel almost dirty if I don’t get my daily run and September Challenge exercises in. I cannot believe how far I have come in terms of attitude.
The plateau has really been the moment that has made me realise that I am not running a sprint. I am undertaking a marathon. I don’t need to reach my goal weight in a set amount of time. In fact, this has so little to do with weight and so much to do with leading a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.
I have set myself the goal of weekly weigh in and measurement checks instead of daily. I’m going to continue to work on my fitness and make healthy food choices because eventually I will get to the point where I am happy with my body.
So screw you scales and measurements! I am feeling fantastic and there is nothing that you can do about it!
I cannot thank you all enough for giving me the motivation and determination to push on. The support available through Lose Baby Weight is like no other, I feel very blessed to be on this journey with such amazing women.
Love to you all x
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