Hello Healthy Mummies, I have now lost an amazing 24kg with Lose Baby Weight!
Hopefully everyone has had some success and learned something new on their Lose Baby Weight journey. I know I have!
Lose Baby Weight-24kg Loss

I was hoping to lose 5 kilos during this challenge, and at the time of writing, I have lost 3 kilos.
I am okay with that. Actually, I am thrilled with that! It brings my total weight loss to 24kilograms and I am .7 away from a healthy BMI!
My other goal was to exercise every day – Well I haven’t quite hit that one either, but I promise I am working on it.
I feel like the motivating mum journey has been one of motivating myself, as well as other. The constant check-ins and ask me segments remind me to keep going even if I don’t feel like it.
It has been a wonderful way to keep myself accountable and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has had some success with the 28 Day Challenges.
My own mum is considering the program after seeing my success, and just today I convinced a friend to sign up for the July challenge.
She had been considering the program but did not know I was doing it – Until she was confronted with a picture of me I my undies clogging up her inbox! Well I am happy to say that was all the convincing she needed – also I am glad for the ego stroke.
I have had a few Non Scale Victories lately too:

  • I am now wearing a size 10 top and size 12 pants! I honestly used to think that I would never be smaller than a 14 because my hips were too broad – pleased to have proved myself wrong there!
  • I have rediscovered my collar bones.
  • I have bought a skin tight 40’s style dress – And I feel AMAZING in it! I stood in the shop staring in the mirror, turning round and round not quite believing that it was actually me in the reflection. I am sure the shop assistant thought I was mad…

best ways to lose weight
People are commenting – Just yesterday I was told that I “Had really bounced back” after having my baby (Who will be One in a week!). Whilst I don’t consciously need or seek approval from others, it sure does feel nice!
One problem with all of this change is finding stuff to wear – When I went back to work in April, I bought a brand new work wardrobe – full of key pieces that would last and make me feel good.
Well now I have a bunch of loose tops that do nothing for my figure and a lot of pants that are all baggy at the back where my bum used to be! Worse problems to have I guess, but I can’t fund another new wardrobe! Though I have been hitting the local op shops and nabbed a few bargains.
One of the things that I continue to love about the challenges, is the Health Mummy Smoothies.
These have saved my mornings more times than I can count. I usually throw it all together and blend while I am making the kids’ breakfast, then drink it down while doing my hair and makeup before work.
I find they keep me full until 10:30/11 am and it stops me from buying rubbish at the café when I grab my morning coffee.
Recently I have been converted and have fallen in love with the chocolate powder – I used to be a vanilla girl.
The snicker’s smoothie is perfect after a rough night when you are facing a long day. Plus the mixed berry madness and the banana oat buster (made on chocolate powder) are my other two regular breakfast saviours.
All in all it has been a great a great challenge. It was not without its stumbles, but I came out in front and I am very excited for the July Budget themed challenge.
I cannot wait to see what delicious recipes are in store for us and to hopefully these last few kilos.
I would like to say thanks to all of the Lose Baby Weight team and to everyone who asked questions (or answered them) during my Motivating Mum stint.
Who knows, you might see me as a maintenance motivating mum in a couple of months!
Thank you,

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Lose Baby Weight 26kg Loss
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