Motivating Mum of 4 Teresa Lawson has lost an amazing 10kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about the 28 Day Challenge.

Hi everyone, my name is Teresa Lawson and I am one of the Motivating Mums for November.  What an amazing start to the 28 Day Challenge it has been.  I have been blown away by the changes to the challenge. The ability to customise the menu has been fantastic for me. As a mother of four children and cooking most of the meals for 6 people it has made it so easy to work out the quantities and my shopping.  Our favourite meals so far have been the Yoghurt and Mint Skewers, the Zucchini, Corn & Haloumi Fritters and my favourite snack is the Apricot and Almond Balls.
This is the first month I have used the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and, I am loving them.  The strawberry is my favourite and I love adding lots of delicious berries and fruits to them.  It has been a bit of a change substituting a meal or snack for a smoothie, but I am definitely finding I feel lighter in the tummy and have more energy throughout the day.
The Lose Baby Weight Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is now my favourite workout, especially the relaxation segment at the end.  Over the challenge this month my goal has been to do the daily challenge exercises, a couple of sections of the DVD and a few kilometres on the treadmill or a walk outside with the children.  I haven’t quite managed it every day but I am definitely doing better at it than previous weeks.
I find it much easier to stick to if I make a goal to head towards. I have now added a checklist to my motivation wall to mark off when I achieve my goal for the day, and then I can look back across the week and see how well I have gone.  I find it motivates me much more to have visual prompts. My current visual prompts include a Healthy Mummy Corner in my kitchen, a workout wall in my bedroom where I do my workouts, this includes my tone up challenge poster, my checklist and other exercise routines I add in occasionally to change things around, and my final inspiration is my motivational wall I have set as my wallpaper for my lock screen on my iPad, this has my current photos and my goal photos with a few inspirational quotes.
I love checking in on the Lose Baby Weight Support Page on Facebook and find this keeps me very focused, if I am feeling down or discouraged I log on and catch up on everyone’s posts throughout the day, first I have to unlock my motivational wall, so some inspiration right there!  And then all the amazing changes I see everyone making, makes me confident again knowing I too can reach my goals.  I am 10 kilos down in three months and the thought that in six months I could be close to my goal weight keeps me going each day.
I hope everyone is enjoying the challenge as much as I am, and if even one person pulls some inspiration from my posts or my story then I will be one happy Motivating Mum! SO thanks for keeping me motivated this month and good luck on your journeys through the rest of this amazing Challenge.  As always a huge thank you to Rhian and her amazing team in making this all possible for us mums.
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