Rachel Melvin Mum of 4 has lost over 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum!
Hi my name is Rachel and I will be one of your Motivating Mums for November.
I’m 25 and a mother of four children aged 9,5,3 & 2.
I started my weight loss in November last year at 84.7kg and as most people do when starting I follow the information of 1200 calories. I did lose 7kg but then hit a massive plateau, I was eating and exercising but the number wasn’t moving it was stuck at 77.7 for months. Then I came across the Lose Baby Weight group on Facebook it was when the July Challenge was on.
I decided to change up our menu and use the Lose Baby Weight recipes on the website and I started to see the weight come off again following the BMR calculator! I was amazed I was eating so much food and I losing the kgs and it was so easy to follow and budget friendly.
I then signed up for the September Challenge and got full access to the challenges. I lost 2kg on the September challenge, having PCOS I find that the weight comes of slowly. In total since joining the motivating Facebook page in late June I have lost 11.7kg bringing my total weight loss to 18.7kg
Lose Baby Weight is an amazing program, you never feel restricted and like you’re on a program because all the food is so yummy and there are yummy treats as well!
Also included in the challenges are daily exercises which is good if you don’t go to the gym and you can even add them to your gym routine since the website is mobile friendly which is what I do.
Our favorite meal would have to be the Mexican Lasagna, my children request it all the time. That’s the great thing – the recipes are child and husband friendly, there are so many others that I could list.
I’m really looking forward to being a Motivating Mum this November and doing the November Challenge with you all.
Rachel Melvin
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