Motivating mum Nicole McClelland has been using the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge and Lose Baby Weight products and has lost a total of 14kgs. This month Nicole has lost an INCREDIBLE 35cm’s from her body- well done Nicole!
“Hi mum’s
It has been a great first half of April as a motivating mum with Lose Baby Weight. This month so far I have learnt not to rely on scales and more on non-scale victories (NSV). I have drunk more water, eating healthier, walking more and trying things to eat that I would never have thought of!
Lose Baby Weight -14kg Loss

This month’s 28 day challenge I am trying alot of the meals that I didn’t get round to trying in March and I am becoming more adventurous when it comes to what gets put into my Healthy Mummy smoothies as well.
I’ve started surprise smoothie Saturday where I’ve put the smoothie names into a jar I would like to try and picking one out every Saturday. I’m loving the new combinations and new flavours and knowing that they are healthy and I’m getting all the nutrition that I need is great!
lose baby weight- belly buster
My favourites so far this month from the 28 day challenge would have to be the baked honey custard, spicy pumpkin soup and the curried cauliflower parcels with added chicken and sweet potato chips. (My 3 year old couldn’t get enough of the pumpkin soup!!)
I haven’t lost any weight this month yet (still stuck on 68kilos, weighed 82 kilos after I had my son.) but I’ve lost CMS (bust 7cms, Waist 5.5cm, 7.5cms, 14cms and 1.5cm). And hoping to start losing weight by changing up my exercise regime again.
Bring on the rest of April.
Nicole xx
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Lose Baby Weight- belly buster
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