Motivating Mum Michaela has lost over an incredible 16kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares how her confidence is blooming.michaela9

Hi Everyone,
Once again I am back for another month as a Motivating Mum. I feel absolutely privilege that I have been able to stay on since September until now and humbled that month after month up to date I have had the chance to be apart of an incredible group of Woman who help inspire and motivate myself on a daily basis while they share their journeys with us all.
As most will know with perfect timing as always The Healthy Mummy released an INCREDIBLE 7 Day Junk Food Detox. I have just finished my 7 days following the plan and have had an unbelievable result of a 2.4kg loss in just one week!!
This Detox has finally seen me break through my incredibly long platue of the last 4 months fluctuating between 77-79 and weighed in at 76.2 at the end of my 7 days. To finally see below that 77 has given me even more determination to keep going harder and stronger than before! The extra energy and motivation that the 7 Day Detox has given me was definitely an added bonus which I am loving!
I was starting to resort to more coffees during the day with both kids being unwell and waking up mulitple times in a night but while using the Detox I only had 1-2 coffees just because I still enjoy a coffee once in a while. This is a MAJOR thing for me, Before Lose Baby Weight I lived off coffee, having multiple coffees in a day just to survive until bedtime. Now though the need for them has simply turned into a want and only when I feel like a ‘treat’. I would definately reccomend the 7 Day Junk Food Detox to anyone who has plataued, in a funk, starting out and just EVERYONE!This is an incredible plan which everyone NEEDS to try out for themselves.
For anyone wondering how to get their hands on a copy of the 7 Day Junk Food Detox it is available FREE to 28 Day Challenge members in the Challenge Hub
January was not my best month with motivation or focus. I was getting way to caught up in the ‘weightloss’ side of it all rather than enjoying the healthy lifestyle and all the benefits. By the end of January I had had enough, something needed to change and that’s when I decided that my focus was the main culprit. Instead of focusing on seeing the numbers go down on the scales I decided to switch my focus to ‘Happy & Healthy’ after all when most of us look back to the start of our journeys one thing nearly all of us would answer would be that we wanted to be the happiest and healthiest we could be.
Enjoying the new freedom of letting myself enjoy the process of my healthy lifestyle has been way more motivating than pressuring myself to do it. With switching my focus meant that mini-goal rewards were also out the window. Although this initially worked in the beginning of my journey it wasn’t working anymore because those mini-goal rewards ended up being ‘pick me up’ rewards when I felt down and out about little to no progress.
Instead I decided to look in the mirror and really focus in on myself and decided which part I wanted to work on the most (in saying that I know you can’t spot reduce any areas specifically.) Although my thunder thighs I have loathed my entire life are still there, they are getting better and I am okay with them the main thing that I am concerned with is my extra stomach fat. For health reasons I want to reduce this area so thanks to Lose Baby Weights informative blogs I am going to take the necessary steps in ensuring I am reducing both subcutaneous (under the skin) & visceral fat (surronding vital organs.)
Confident is definitely how I wouldn’t of described myself back in June last year when I started my journey and to be honest up until just recently I still wouldn’t of described myself as the confident young woman I once was, but all thanks to the Healthy Mummy/Lose Baby Weights programs, products and support my confidence in blossoming.
Just last week I caught my reflection in the mirror and I was happy with what I saw, I was happy with my curves, I was happy that I saw a confident, strong woman looking back at me. The Healthy Mummy/Lose Baby Weight has transformed me for the better, sure I may only be halfway to my goal but I have gained confidence, I have gained better relationships with my children and partner.
I am more involved in life now and that is more important to me than anything anyone could ever give me. I never thought when starting out on my journey that I could gain as much as I have but I am grateful for finding Lose Baby Weight when I did because losing 17kg has been a major plus but all that I have gained from living a healthy lifestyle is more valuable to me than the number on the scales.
Time to wrap this one up before I start a novel, all I have to say is make the investment in yourself to a healthier, happier life with Lose Baby Weight. You will truely never regret making the first changes you need to take. Join the 28 Day Challenge with thousands of other Ladies and be the person you have longed to be. If you are unsure about it then trust me when I say it is INCREDIBLE value for what it is. INVEST IN YOURSELF you are worth it and you definately deserve it!
28 day
Be Confident, be happy & be a Healthy Mummy
Michaela xx
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