Hi Mums! I am one of your motivating mums for July and I have now lost 40kg with Lose Baby Weight.
Wow how fast is the month of July going, week one of the budget challenge is almost at the end; hope you are all hitting your goals. I know that I am sneaky weigh in and have lost 2.3kg taking me down to 96.7, this is such a big difference from where I was  months ago making a total loss of 40.8kg so far.
Lose Baby Weight-40kg Loss

Loving all the new meals and food from 28 day challenge and I have even stepped out of my comfort zone with the smoothies away from vanilla to chocolate and strawberry. Don’t know what took me so long! As like anything Lose Baby Weight they taste amazing.
Early this week a read post someone had written asking about does this program help with depression, so after some thought I have decided to tell my story.
As I mentioned in m last blog a have struggled for many years with weight issue, to add to that stain I’m an emotional eater and I struggle more when I hit a depressive mood/state.
Back in 2008 life though me a few bumps and I didn’t cope well I had been following another weight loss program and had lost 52kg , when it all fall apart I hadn’t learnt how to control my eating habits and I stacked it all back on and some.
lose baby weight
It took until 2011 to be in the right mind and ready to commit to a weight loss program, I started and was going really well and it came to a standstill, as I found out I was expecting my first baby.
After readjusting to life as a new mum in 2012 and being told that I was borderline post natal depression, I was ready again but the bumps in the road got big again and then came more emotional eating. I went from the 120’s up to around 137kG+ mark.
It took until September 2014 to be in the right head space and ready to start again, I was added to this amazing group of women and you have all been my rocks since even though some of you may not even know it.
Last month a hit a few bumps, change in jobs and the passing of my nana. I started to get in that low depressive mood/state.  I started to eat my emotions and bounce between 99kg-102kg; I sort professional help as there is nothing wrong with admitting that we need it from time to time; She high light a practice that I have worked with so many times and have promote in my nursing career and that was to take a holistic approach, look at my physical, mental / medical, emotional and social, spiritual health etc.
So  I did I pick up my activity in the private Lose Baby Weight Support Group , I put down/away all the unhealthy food and I focused on physical activity as I had started to learn to run .
Since listening to her advice and focusing on those areas all the other parts of my health haves started to fall back in to place.
The holistic approach focuses on balance in all areas of our health and if one area is unbalanced it can throw out all the other areas leading to health issues etc.
For me I feel that The Lose Baby Weight program and private group help me with some of that balance and I’m glad to say that I feel back on track in my weight loss journey as well as being a happy positive person/mummy
Thank you, ladies for being a part of my support system.
Melissa  xx

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