Motivating Mum Mel Clark has lost an incredible 14kgs in 6 months following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares her top tips for getting through a plateau.Lose_Baby_Weight_14kgs_loss

I can’t believe the end of the month is here and so is my time as the March Motivating Mum. That went quick and it’s been great to be able to help motivate you all. I am grateful to the Healthy Mummy for this opportunity and to everyone that I have been able to help. You are all truly inspirational woman and many of your stories and experiences I have learned from and it has helped me also in ways that I can be motivated more in achieving my goal.
I joined Lose Baby Weight in September 2014 at 90 kilos, and at the start of the March Challenge I was down to 77.9 kilos and currently down to 76.7 kilos. I am stoked with this and although it may be a loss of 1.2 kilos my aim is set for a 500g per week loss but I have also during this month gained 200g of muscle.
This month alone I have lost 1.5 cm off my Hips and 3.5 cm off my belly and that is what makes me happy.  In total since starting the The Lose Baby Weight Program I have lost 14 kilos, 39cm off my waist, 12.5cm off my hips, 12 cm off my Bust, 15cm off my thighs, and 16.5cm off my Belly which is a total of 95cm all over. WOW all that in 6 months.
I have been asked a few times “Have you hit a plateau?” “How do you get through it?” and the answers are “Yes, I have been through a few” and sometimes it get to me but I try not to let it now.
How to get through the Plateau

  • Check your calories and make sure your eating the correct amount for your weight at that time. You don’t want to be over eating or eating less. IF you’re over eating your body will most likely be stabilizing and if you’re under eating your body will be starving so it will store the fat.
  • Change up your exercises regularly so your body doesn’t get used to doing the same exercise all the time
  • Check your measurements. Sometimes your actually building muscle and losing fat but it won’t show on the scales.
  • The closer you get to your goal, you may go into plateau for a few weeks as your body will try and store that fat. Keep going and push that little harder. Change up your exercises more and do more HIIT. Don’t give up, your body will try and be stubborn but don’t let it beat you. It will eventually give in and you will get through it.
  • Finally – If all else fails, go and see your Doctor. Maybe there is a medical reason that could be causing it.

In December my husband purchased me the treadmill I wanted and I started doing the C25K on it. I guess it just wasn’t enough in addition to the exercises I was already doing. So when I started the Challenge in January I was a bit depressed that I hadn’t been doing so well and Christmas was a real blowout.
I had put on the few kilos that I had lost the previous year.   I really needed to start making changes as I was becoming more uncomfortable and didn’t want to go anywhere. I looked in the shops at all these nice clothes and couldn’t wear any of them. I stopped buying clothes for myself as I hated being the size 16 that I was.
After New Year’s I messaged the local boot camp group I had messaged in late December and procrastinated about joining and signed up. I started in the second week of January and go 1 hr, 3 times a week. I do this in addition to my walking and the Healthy Mummy DVD,  not only am I doing the 28 Day Challenge meals and exercises, I am doing additional exercises to keep me motivated and to stop me from hitting that plateau again.
I am working harder right now as I have my 1st goal which I would like to achieve coming up in 6 weeks. I signed up for the Kryptonite Challenge which has 30 obstacles and a lot of mud. I never in my life would have done anything like this but I like the challenge now, so I also decided that I will sign up for Miss Muddy in August and the Colour Me Rad Run in October as well. Everyone has a goal and to complete these is my goal this year.
This is my second 28 Day Challenge and although I have lost 5 kilos I have lost 34cm all around my body since January. I now only make healthy eating choices and I am fitter than I have been my whole life all thanks to joining Lose Baby Weight.
Don’t let the scales get you down, always measure yourself and remember muscle weighs more than fat.
You can do this
Just believe in yourself, because I do
Mel Clark
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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