I am Lizzie and I am very excited to be a MM for August. I have lost 15kg through following Lose Baby Weight recipes, plans and products since November 2014.
Lose Baby Weight- 15kg Loss

I often get asked what is the best way to start with Lose Baby Weight.
Alot of us initially are really unhappy within ourselves and are quite overwhelmed at where to start and how to get results. From my experience I can highly recommend joining the 28 Day Challenge.
By doing this you are committing yourself to becoming a healthier and happier you.
You will have access to so many resources to keep you on track and the way I see it is that you are investing a small fee into becoming your future self.  I did two challenges in a row quite strictly and had very good results. I learnt in that time what I could eat and in what quantities.
It gave me the confidence to mix it up a bit by the third challenge.
Once you have joined, prepare a budget for your groceries and go through your pantry to work out what staples you already have on hand. Then set aside some time so you can go and customise your meal plan on the Lose Baby Weight website. Choose meals that really entice your tastebuds as you want to enjoy what you are eating and making for your family.
lose baby weight
You can either print off the shopping list from the website or jot down what items you don’t have on hand. Go shopping and get started on preparing all of your snacks in advance to make it easier for you to avoid straying from your menu plan.
SMOOTHIES!!!! I cannot rate these enough. They are full of goodness and are the perfect meal for breakfast and when you are on the run. They are so easy to prepare and you can pretty much add anything you facy to them.
You will be full and very satisfied with the flavour and they are the perfect replenishment for your body when you have had a restless night up with your bubba.
With regards to exercise, the challenge exercises are definitely enough. They have been designed, tried and tested by highly skilled professionals who have YOUR best interests at heart.  I do recommend adding a walk in to your day if you can but if not the challenge exercises will totally be enough.
Take some progress pictures. It will be overwhelming as you step out of your comfort zone to officially document your starting point. But believe me, just do it and keep them stored somewhere personal so you can always refer back to them. They will be one of your biggest motivators when you may be having a bad day or week etc.
One of the biggest things is setting realistic goals for yourself, don’t expect to lose ALL of your weight at once it will take time and dedication but it will happen because you have committed yourself.
In line with this, don’t beat yourself up if you go out for dinner and have a ‘treat’ meal or desert that isn’t part of your plan.  Change your mind set a little  by allowing yourself to enjoy it and then move on and return to your meal plan the following meal and/or add some extra exercise in your day to make up for it and it will take away that ‘guilt’ that you may feel.
I hope this helps some of you get started the way I did and I wish you all good luck with working towards a better you
Lizzie xx

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Ash Loses 26kgs (57 pounds) on 7 Challenges
Lose Baby Weight 26kg Loss
Ash says: The 28 Day Challenges have changed my life. This was never a diet but a complete lifestyle change for me, and I committed to it 100% I’ve never experienced such a positive experience as I have with this plan IT WORKS. It’s perfectly put together for mums and so manageable.
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