Hi Mums! I have been following Lose Baby Weight recipes, plans and products since November 2012. I have lost 14kg *and 23cm from my waist, 18 cm from my bust and 13cm from my hips.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg Loss

For me, following Lose Baby Weight is easy. I don’t really have to think about much and that is what I like. The recipes are very easy and usually I will have most of the ingredients and if I don’t I now feel as though I am now able to make the right choices for a substitute.
I have returned back to work two months ago , so I am now transitioning from being a stay at home mummy on maternity leave to a working (part-time) mummy and my hubby has returned from home deployment with an injured knee – which means he can’t weight bear for at least another 6 weeks.
SO… this means that I am now looking after two people as well as myself and working and maintaining the household. BUT… I have to say that without Lose Baby Weight, I would be struggling and I would probably be emotionally eating!
Thankfully the Lose Baby Weight Facebook group is truly a key component to my staying on track and not emotionally eating.
best ways to lose weight
My exercise throughout this challenge has been great. I have noticed a big mental shift in myself when working out.
I am now all about I CAN DO and WILL DO.
When I am running I envision my ‘future’ self and it really pushes me so much further. I find this really helps me stay on track with my meals and snacks as well, especially after I have done a workout or I have been for a run and I am hungry… I am still in the mindset that I am my future self so I don’t want to sabotage myself by eating the wrong food.
I am loving the 28 Day Challenge resources– they are excellent!!
If you have aren’t sure if you want to join, then think no more as it really does take a lot of the guess work and thinking out of being prepared.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg Loss
I want to finish on a point that I know a lot of us Mummies don’t get enough of and possibly don’t think it’s as important as the other stuff going in our lives …… that it sleep.
I have found lately that I have been going to bed a lot earlier than previously and I truly believe that this has helped my weight loss.
Once I allowed myself to ignore the mess and just go to bed, I woke up feeling rested and had loads more energy to conquer the day ahead.
As a result of this, I am not [as] sleep deprived and  I am definitely more relaxed and able to focus my energy into being really positive instead of cranky pants mum!
I really hope my blog helps at least one of you lovely Mums and I look forward to seeing you become a member of the 28 day challenges – you will not regret it!
Lizzie xx
PS… don’t forget to factor in a good night sleep into you day.

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Angela has lost 12kg* (26 pounds*) on 2 Challenges
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