I am Lizzie and I am proud to be a Motivating Mum for JULY. I have been following Lose Baby Weight recipes, plans and products since November 2012 and I have lost 14kg*!
I am so happy that I have lost 14KGs* but I am even more excited about the way in which my body shape has changed since Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight- 14kg Loss

I often get asked about what exercises I am doing as I have had such a dramatic change in my body shape.
When I started out with Lose Baby Weight, I did a lot of long distance walking, about 7 km minimum, it felt good and it was something that I could achieve easily in a day when I was dealing a restless sleeping baby.
I also would use the Lose Baby Weight DVD. This is honestly when I saw a massive change in my waistline.
The effects of switching on the core muscles, which is encouraged all throughout the DVD, really saw inches come off my waist in what felt like no time at all.
I also set mini goals such as, I would start with one segment and build up until I could complete the DVD entirely.
Once I achieved this, I added weights, about 2kg each hand, and progressively completed the entire DVD using these.
As I lost more weight and my fitness improved, I increased my long walks to a run by alternating the days.
I would start off by running as far as I could, then I would slowly increase the distance until I was running the whole duration. I can now run about 7-7.5 comfortable while pushing the pram, Noting that it has been progressively done over 8 months.
I like include a lot of hills on my runs or walks, and I really stride it out up the hills as it really helps get your fitness up quickly. I also added HIIT weights and cardio sessions in and I could feel my cardiovascular health improve tenfold.
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I really had a mental struggle with feeling overwhelmed all of the time and felt really quite time poor, but I knew that working out is what I needed to start the day with a clear mind.
So to help with my time poor feelings, hubby wrote me some 10-20 minute work outs that I could do using my home gym and treadmill.
They certainly worked as I was plateauing for a few weeks; and after two weeks of these exercises every second day I certainly lost more kgs and was back on track.
I returned back to work in May this year and being in the Army, I am required to attend structured PT lessons twice a week (returned part time).
The sessions vary from very military focussed sessions of leopard crawling and weighted walks to general circuits and interval training or running.
Recently, when I get home from work, I pop my daughter in the pram and we go for a 3-5km walk or run most afternoons.
This has been great for the routine and when I feel like I need a rest we just take it slow and enjoy the outdoors.
In addition I try and do a weights session a couple of times a week as toning will also help with the weight loss.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg Loss
Since adding weights into my routine I have not seen a massive shift on the scales, but this will be bound to happen once adding weighted exercises into the routine.
I find that the 28 Day challenge exercises are a real heart starter as they are HIIT based and very effective.  I am often asked do I think that doing the challenge exercises alone will be enough to see or feel a change.
My answer is absolutely yes!!! These exercise routines have been designed by qualified professionals that have tried and tested them as to ensure they will work.
I really try and ‘change it up’ from time to time as I feel the body can get used to the same thing all of the time. So having a few workout options up your sleeve each week is definitely a big help.
Overall what I find with exercise is that it is a completely personal choice of what you feel comfortable doing. Once you find your working out MOJO your body will do exactly what you tell it to.
I hope that this blog has helped you with some exercising tips.
If you are thinking about joining you absolutely should, it will be the best thing that you could do for yourself!
Find your MOJO and join today
Lizzie xx

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