Motivating Mum Lisa Hannes has lost an amazing 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about living a happier life.

You know those days where things have just not gone right, Work was a bit tough, kids playing up, cleaning to be done….all you want is some take out for tea or chocolate and a movie….well one of the best thing about I have learned through Lose Baby Weight is….there is another way!! That was definitely the old me, now a bad day just makes me want to fight back. Go for a walk clear your head, stroll, jog, run just try it! If walking is not your thing, pop in the Healthy Mummy DVD, punch it out on a bag, play kick with your kids, dance it out! Be active in your life…because IT IS YOUR LIFE!
I used to a pretty active person at 21 I fell pregnant with twins and went from about 60kg to over 100 by 7 months in! I did in no way shape or form bounce back and it ruined me. I had PND, I started getting anxiety, my weight went up and down and up and down, 2 more pregnancies…I tried diet after diet and got to a point I just gave up I was lazy very lazy! Lose Baby Weight has (yes I know how it sounds) changed my life! It is so easy to follow, my whole family eats the foods, our kids love the treat foods and snacks but most importantly it works. There is easy to follow plans, guidance with exercise and totally amazing support.
On this amazing plan I have not only lost almost 20kgs I have greatly reduced my stress levels, anxiety will always be there but is definitely manageable now and just maybe I’m a little easier to live with…..not that I was ever that bad I’m sure! My point is it feels great to have taken charge of my life again. It is hard, it is a struggle some days, in the first few week you will want bad foods….but it is YOUR CHOICE!
It does become second nature, you do get to love it, you feel better, you look better. I am proud in the fact I took the first step, you can too….and we’re all here to help.
Lisa Hannes
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