Hi Mums, I have lost 25kg with Lose Baby Weight
Maintaining weight loss is equally as important and sometimes as challenging as losing the weight can be to begin with.
Lose Baby Weight-25kg Loss
After 6 months of maintaining my 25kg weight loss I still have tempting moments, times when I feel I could laps into old habits and times when I have but managed to stop and get back on track, I have managed to learn skills to help me stay on track.

healthy mummy smoothiesSkills such as

  • making healthy choices
  • staying active with regular exercise
  • how to pull together a healthy meal with what’s in the fridge and pantry
  • what to choose from the menu when eating out
  • quick and easy meals to eat on the run
  • no excuses not to exercise
  • healthy can be yummy
  • how to snack right
  • knowing what to eat
  • knowing when to eat
  • understanding how much (calories) to eat and why
  • portion sizes and how to not over eat

I have learnt so much in the past 12 months using Lose baby weight recipes and the healthy mummy products especially the 28 Day challenge plans oh and from all the beautiful ladies on the Facebook private group. I’m sure I will continue to learn so much more.
They say knowledge is power and I’m feeling very powerful at this stage in my life. Not only have I changed my appearance but probably equally as important I’ve changed on the inside, I feel happier, fitter, more confidant, sexy, proud, strong, determined and these feelings come from within.
To be able to love myself again is such a good feeling. It’s not always about the number on the scales or the size of the clothing you’re in. If you feel healthy, look healthy and live healthy then that’s an achievement on its own.
Having 4 kids aged 12, 9, 5 and 13mths keeps me very busy.
Washing alone can be a workout for me, Squats, lunges and jogging on the spot while trying to put items in the right way is a great way to incorporate exercise into what needs to get done. Same with preparing tea, vacuuming, mopping and so on!
lose baby weight
Making your everyday requirement a workout moment. It’s hard to put yourself first when you have kids, a hubby, a house, animals etc to keep up with all their needs so do what you can when you can.
Don’t ever pass up and opportunities to do a squat or run around the coffee table or a few burpees, if you have time to sit you have time to squat if you have time to stand still you have time to jog on the spot!!!!
BUT, with all that said don’t forget to make time to pamper yourself too, for me its jumping in the spa relaxing with my hubby every other night I also treat myself to get my hair done every 8 weeks (I’m a hairdresser so it’s a must, lol) be sure to look after yourself too.
It doesn’t always have to be something that costs money, have a soak in the bath or go for a walk around the shops, maybe a run alone no pram no kids just you.
I truly believe it’s important to take time to stop and remember who we are other than Mothers sometimes and no feel guilty about it, its totally ok to do things for ourselves and be selfish at times.
Losing weight and being active is something worth doing for yourself, take time to reflect on how far you have come and how far you want to continue to go.
Be active, be healthy, be happy!
Krystal xx

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