Motivating Mum Keryn Banks has lost an incredible 14kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her end of month blog for February.kerynb2

I am a Motivational Mum for the month of February.
I have two children, 3 and a half and 6 months old. I also gave birth to a stillborn 4 and a half years ago.
Like all mums i am very busy. Everyday I have activities that my daughter attends as well as doing the usual mummy duties.
I work 20+ hours per week, breastfeed my son, study my diploma in counselling and also planning my wedding for October this year. I have 9 months to plan my wedding as well.
I started using the Lose Baby Weight program on the 6th of October when my son was 6 weeks old. I have since lost 14 kilograms. I still have 11 kgs that I would like to lose.
I would love to weigh 69 kilograms by my engagement party that is on the 28th of march and I currently weigh 74 kilograms. I would then like to get down to 63 kilo by my wedding which is this October. Just over a year of my trying to lose weight.
Exercise I find to be the hardest thing to stick to every day. As I am writing this I am on my exercise bike. My children are in bed at 7-715 and by 730 I am exercising til 830. My exercising in this time period includes exercise bike, stepper, zumba and the elliptical. I also have been doing the butt and thigh challenge this month.
During the day, if I am not working, I make sure I go for a walk.
I try to plan my day as best I can. I have to fit in feeds, expressing, work, study and all the DIY for my wedding. If I know that I will not have time to work out at night, I will make sure that I get up early and go for a run. If I have a grumpy baby, I put him in my ergo and I work out with him on me. If my 3 year old is having a terrible day I put her in the pram and we go for  a walk.
I make sure every day that i do at least 20000 steps. I pulled a muscle in my back. I rested my back that night and now I am back on the bike.
I have been a Challenge Member since September and love the challenges. I love that the exercises are easy to do and everything you need you will have in your house. They also burn so many calories and you can take the exercises as hard as you want.
I have the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan Cookbook. Its what I started on when I joined this program. The san choy bow is the most delicious meal I have ever eaten and it is so quick.
I first used the Guilt Free Cookbook this month and I have made three things out of the book and they are amazing. The cheesecake was not only yummy but also only 160 calories. How could you go wrong everyone loves a cheesecake and it just made me love cheesecake more.
The best thing that has happened since I have started this program is that my daughter now wants my food. I ask her whether she would like her treat ( junk food once a week) and she always says that she wants to eat mummy’s yummy food. She also helps me do my exercises. With the butt and thigh workout, she will count the reps and sometimes join in with me.
As you would have notice, I have at least one shake per day. You can do so much with the shakes with so many different flavours. I try and have 5 serving of fruit/vegetables with each shake. And as I breastfeed I also add some oats.
The Lose Baby Weight Facebook Group is such an inspiration to me. I love seeing others mothers that have reached their goal but remain on the site to help other mothers reach theirs. I love that the group is a positive group. Everyone is here to help and support all the other mums
Keryn Banks
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