Motivating Mum of 2 Keryn Banks has lost an incredible 14kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is loving the healthy lifestyle change.kerynb1

I am a mother of 2. My son is 6 months old and my daughter is 3 and a half.
I breastfeed my son, work 20+ hours per week, study a diploma and I am planning a wedding. So i am a pretty busy person.
I aim each day to do 20000 steps, burn 2800 calories and workout at least 40 minutes per day and also drink 4 litres of water.
I started trying to lose weight on October 6th, 2014. My son was 6 weeks old. Since then I have lost 14 kilograms and live an active lifestyle.
I can run after my children and not feel puffed out. My daughter helps me do my exercises by counting the reps I’m doing or by actually doing my exercises with me. She will now get on the stepper while I am on my exercise bike and workout with me.
But the thing that has shocked me the most is the change in her eating habits. She use to eat a happy meal every week for her treat after swimming, she now wants some of my yummy and healthy food.
I love the Healthy Mummy Smoothies. I have at least 5 per week. They are very convenient and delicious at the same time. They are also save to have while I breastfeed my son. I love that I can mix what I love in with the smoothie mix and it still tastes amazing. I try and have 4 serve of fruit and veg with every shake. Celery, carrot, spinach, anything that I have in the house.
The 28 Day Challenge was what really helped me. Having my meals planned for me with the right portions was fantastic. And the exercises that are included are simpler to follow  and  make you sweat and of course don’t take long to do which is really great for all us busy mums.
I have had the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan book for a while now and my favourite recipe is the san choy bow. My daughter loves this meal just as much as i do and it’s so quick and refreshing.
I have just started using the Guilt Free Chocolate Baking Book. I was mind blow how these recipes can be healthy as well as taste so good. And the best thing is my daughter thinks they are a treat. The recipes have the calories for all the recipes so you know how many you are eating and can stay within your calories for the day.
With losing weight, it’s all about finding time. My children are in bed at 7-715 and at 730 it is my time to work out. As I am writing this I am on the stepper while watching TV.
It takes 21 days to make something a routine. I started by working out in front of the TV and now when I watch TV I am on the stepper or the exercise bike as my brain automatically says get up and workout when I start to watch TV. This was a great little trick that worked with me.
I found that having a motivational board is really helpful. I can see how much I have lost and how much I want to lose. ( only 10 kilos to go). I have also added pictures of things i would like to accomplish as well as a picture of me at the size that i would love to get back to.
We all have a bad day where we slip up but when this happens it’s about being aware that its only one day that you have slipped up. You can’t lose all the weight you want to lose in a day and you won’t put on all the weight that you have lost back on in a day if you slip up.
My favourite quote that I have seen on this site was don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone’s chapter 15.
The reasons this program works is as there are mums that are at all different stages of weight lose. Some that are trying to get the motivation to start to try and lose weight to others that have lost all the weight they want to lose but are here to help everyone.
The support that this group offers in fantastic. Reading some ladies that are lacking motivation some days and the other mums saying get up and do squats, it blows my mind at how supportive everyone is.
All up i have another 10kgs to lose but I know that I can do it with the Lose Baby Weight Programs.
Keryn Banks
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