Motivating mum Kayleen Johnson has lost an amazing 20kgs following the Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Weightloss Challenges and today she talks about the importance of believing in yourself and sticking to your goals while losing baby weight.
“I have enjoyed this month being able to continue my journey as a motivating mum into the month of March, I have currently lost just over 20 kg and have learnt so much from Lose Baby Weight.
It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with a few health setbacks but am staying determined and I will just keep plodding along tackling each setback one by one. Believing in yourself that you can do this doesn’t matter if you fall off wagon each day as long as you try that’s all that matters and it does get easier.
Lose Baby Weight- 20kg Loss

Being a busy working mum and battling with anxiety it is very easy to fall into the trap of giving up and putting it in the too hard basket. For me this month I fell out of routine that I was following for past 6 months due to health setbacks, and it was so hard to get back in to routine.
I’m far from perfect and I felt like giving up but my brain was telling me to push through, I start each day saying today is a new day stay strong but my anxiety got better of me and I binged ate and found all the reasons not to do anything. But having some buddies who you can chat too and support one another has helped me so much.
They reminded me that all was ok and how far I’ve come, I am finally back in my determination mindset and won’t let it disappear, this month I have set out to do a pink tri and that’s what I’m going to do, even though it has made my anxiety sky rocket this month because I’m anxious but in my eyes I have already won with even just registering for it, and crossing that finish line I will be so proud and know that with everything that has happen this month I’ve managed to push through.
So ladies in a similar position please don’t give up, doesn’t matter how many times u fall if wagon just keeps going it will make u stronger. It’s our own journey doesn’t matter how long it takes just keep going. I hope I have inspired some of you.
Thank you
Kayleen x”
Lose Baby Weight- 28 Day Weightloss Challenge
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