Motivating Mum Kayleen Johnson has lost an amazing 19kgs with Lose Baby Weight and gains her confidence and is planning for a marathon.

Hi my name is Kayleen and I am enjoying being a Motivating Mummy for February. It’s a busy time of year everyone getting back into a routine, new routine for some people.  Since joining Lose Baby Weight and cooking meals from the recipe Hubs, Guilt Free Chocolate Book and 28 Day Challenge meals has been the best thing I have ever done for my family.
Lose Baby Weight has taught me about time management and preparation. I now only cook 2-3 times during the week as on weekends I spend a few hrs cooking up some meals and freezing them. This also gives me a bit of time of adding in exercise in the afternoons as the dinners are sorted.
I have currently lost 19 kgs with since following Lose Baby Weight in July and I have taken more of a fitness approach to be a fitter healthier mummy and wife, rather then as a weight loss approach.  I had started being fitness focus from sep/ oct onwards, this is when my journey started to really kick off.  I think if I had focus it as a weight loss rather then fitness focus, I wouldn’t have made it this far so having key goals and focus is important for me.
It is a juggle to fit everything in but for a busy working mum I try to make it work. My husband is very supportive of me as he understands and sees how happy I am and how my panic attacks and anxiety had dropped dramatically.  So when I exercise in the afternoon he spends one on one time with our son and when I return home we spend time together. It’s all about making it work for your family and you.
I have also made a list of events and activities that I like to achieve in the year to keep me focus. I currently am training for a triathlon in March, 3 half marathons and possibly a full marathon in yearly 2016. So an idea to try keep yourself focus is write some goals and a plan to stay determine to reach them. We can do anything as long as we remain positive and just keep going.
I am far from perfect and having many bad moments but keeping my head focus on my goals I get back on track a lot  quicker and I am
Able to get and stay on track food wise.
So beautiful ladies my last few words for this very positive blog is don’t give up, stay determine and you will succeed your goals and successes.
Kayleen Johnson
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