Motivating Mum Kayleen Johnston has lost an incredible 20kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares her top tips to keep going.kayleenj3

Hi my name is Kayleen and I am enjoying continuing being a Motivating Mummy for March, I have started my Lose Baby Weight journey in July at 108 kg. I started the March  challenge at 88.4 kg and currently I am sitting at 87.7 kg so a 700 g lost since the challenge has started. I was over the moon to finally break the 20kg mark  this month. I have currently lost just over 20kg which I am forever grateful to Lose Baby Weight for .
It’s been a bit of a rocky start this month to my exercise routine due to injury but am so glad I’m back. I had kept mainly food focus during this time, making sure I drink my 3 litres a day which I kno my body needs and feels do much better after it. What I like to share with you all is that it’s ok if you go over your calories, or if you weren’t able to exercise, or that u binge eat, or whatever it may be.
My point is we are all human and it’s ok, we need to not be hard on ourselves and just keep trying, we need to remember to enjoy our journey and for not to see it like a chore. Mix up your routines, maybe try a new exercise or active activity, take progress pictures, purchase motivation clothes or choose something u like to fit back into. I had aim this month to fit back in the dress my hubby first laid his eye on me and it fits, I couldn’t be happier, next motivation is for it to
Fit better.
My family and I are enjoying the 28 Day Challenge meals , I love how Lose Baby Weight have created it to be customisable, so easy to suits needs and budget , the best thing I am loving is how easy the recipes are to follow and my hubby is enjoying cooking them which is a great help considering I work full time.
My hubby has always been on board with us changing our lifestyle to a better healthier one being healthier role models for our son but he was worried cooking would be hard but with small steps and 7 months later, he is cooking and enjoying it. So ladies with hubbies not quite on board yet, don’t push but they will come around slowly but surely, I also choose meals with my hubby approval first which has helped a lot and in last 7 months he has lost 9kgs which I’m so proud of and this is just eating Lose Baby Weight dinners.
So ladies lets continue to give March our all and if we slip or fall we just keep going on our fantastic journey and I feel so excited we can do it all together. Let’s aim to achieve our goals and dreams. Dreaming of crossing that finish line at the end of my marathon hopefully at the end of the year is my goal. If we believe we can, we will, stay determined, be kind to yourself we got this ladies.
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