Motivating Mum Kayleen Johnson has lost an amazing 19kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her end of month blog.kjohnson

I have absolutely loved being a motivating mummy for the month of February, inspiring and motivating other beautiful women on there weight loss journey.
I am so happy with how far I’ve come losing  19 kgs  so far since July 2014  and noticing lots of changes with my clothes and appearance more then focusing on the numbers on scales. Since
I started my Lose Baby Weight journey, I have never looked  back or turn back to the old stressed out couch potato me. Loving the new energiser bunny in me and I am determined to meet my ultimate weight loss goal of 75 kgs and I will get there doesn’t matter how long it takes. I cannot believe that I am training for a marathon considering just over 6 months ago I was a couch potato. And I am determined to meet my goal.
Following Lose Baby Weight has given me a whole too perspective and meaning to living life. I love being active and of course learning the new love for cooking healthy meals which are nice and simple and great for my family’s money budget. I still fall off the band wagon food wise sometimes but we are all human, I hold no guilt and I just keep plodding along and never give up.
As I  am an emotional stress eater I have learnt to either go for a run or walk to try relieve the stress and anxiety and running has definitely been the most best form of medicine for this. I also try to keep lbw treats with me for those stress full moments.
I love the 28 Day Challenges and am looking forward to the March one, I love how the menu plan can be customises to suit your own family needs and budget. I always make a list if the meals I love to try like seafood dishes but just not in the budget and when I have extra money in the kitty I would add the great recipes to the menu plan. There is no need to spend hundreds on grocery bills, shopping around if u are lucky too can save a lot also sourcing local fruit shops is great too for finding bargains. I try to be very sensible in my food choices and my family loves it.
Thank you to the support from Lose Baby Weight all the beautiful ladies for all their inspiring stories and motivation, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far without this amazing group. And I am forever grateful.
Kayleen Johnson
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