Motivating Mum Katie Scher talks about how she is loving the 28 Day Challenge.

Hi again ladies!
What an amazing first week of the November 28 Day Challenge. I’m loving the customized plans! I love how we can customize the meal plans to suit our taste buds and budgets.
The variety and amount of food still amazes! Never before would I have eaten this amount of food in a day. The first 5 days were great for me, I followed my meal plan (I did switch a couple of days about) and was averaging about a 6km walk a day with my two terrors loaded up in the double stroller.We packed our morning tea (mmmm fresh fruit picnic) and away we trotted.
Before starting Lose Baby Weight we would’ve stayed at home or if we did go for a walk, we would’ve grabbed some hot chips. It’s crazy how fast your way of thinking changes. I only used the Lose Baby Weight DVD twice this week, with out beautiful weather I wanted to be outside as much as possible. I’ve attempt all the challenge exercises everyday, yes I’ve struggled but that has just shown me how unfit I really am!
Then came the weekend, my weekends are pretty hectic! I pre made up Sweet Chilli Tuna Sushi so I could have that for lunch and had almonds and fresh fruit for snacks and then came dinner time, I took the easy way. I gave in to takeaway.  This morning looking at my motivational wallpaper on my iPad I saw the quote ‘Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey’.  Yep, we all make mistakes.
It’s easy to cheat on our diets and skip workouts from time to time. Regrettably, we can let one small slip keep us down if we’re aren’t careful. The best thing we can do is forgive ourselves and plan our comebacks. Our weight loss success will be determined on how fast we recover from each stumble…. So I’ve picked myself up and ready to start
Katie Scher
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