Motivating Mum Kate Walsham has lost over an amazing with Lose Baby Weight and shares how she is loving the 28 Day Challenge!

Hi ladies ,
So hard to believe where already half way through January already .
It has been a busy month for my family so far with BBQ’s and get togethers .
I have really stepped up my exercise this month with the help of the Healthy Mummy DVD and the 28 Day Challenge exercises . The DVD is so easy to follow but man it’s a great work out. For me I find the 10-15 work outs great as some times I may only have 20 min to spare I have been using tins of chick peas as hand weight’s. I love that you don’t need all the fancy equipment to get a great work out .
I even went for my first run,  my goal will be to go for a run 3 nights a week by the end of the month I might even reward my self with some hand weights . . loving the food on the 28 Day Challenge finding it easy to stick to which is a big fault of mine, in the past I would have good intentions of sticking to it but life would get in the way and would go back to old eating habits,  I like the way its all the for me planned out snacks and all I find it so easy to follow and the food is so yummy this is also my first 28 Day Challenge defiantly wont be my last.
I have been having the Healthy Mummy Smoothie’s for breakfast and lunch at the moment as that is what is easiest for me, I’m really enjoying the banana oat buster so so yummy I also enjoy it with the strawberry mix also. I’m not a big fan of peanut butter but I’m keen to try the snickers smoothie from the 28 Day Challenge its on my list for next week.I’m looking forward to try more of the recipes from the Guilt Free Chocolate Treats and Baking cook book.
Before I found Lose Baby Weight I was drinking around 5 cups of coffee a day now I don’t drink coffee at home but will have around 3 small lattes from a coffee shop a week which I love and its like a treat for me now. I have started drinking green tea of a morning instead of the usual coffee. I am also trying to up my water intake as it is so important to drink at least 8 glasses a day and I could go all morning with out any. I have decided not to weigh my self until the end of the month as I have been stuck at 69 kg for around a month now so I’m hoping the 28 Day Challenge kicks this plateau in the butt . .
Kate Walsham
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