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Kat’s Weight Loss Update

Hi everyone , I have had a fairly busy past few weeks!
My bub stopped breastfeeding and I ended up getting quite sick with mastitis and I was so thankful for the healthy mummy smoothies and the 28 day plan as there was no thinking involved and it took no time at all to get myself a healthy and nutritious meal when not feeling well – I love the Lose Baby Weight weight loss program!.
So being ill meant that I wasn’t rushing back into my jogging and that’s where the healthy mummy DVD was so wonderful as you can pick your own intensity of your workout, so I took it nice and easy for a few days whilst I recovered.


Now that I have stopped breastfeeding I am really feeling the urge to push myself a lot harder now that I have the extra free time to do so.
I got asked a lot when I was doing the Q&A what I did for my exercise so I thought I would share what I am doing ATM. I do change what I am doing when I get bored or if the kids have a bad day etc.
So I have started to focus now on particular body areas on alternate days. I am using the healthy mummy DVD every day doing both the cardio sections and the abs section and alternating the lower and upper body sections. I have also been using the lounge room leg work out and the 4 easy arms exercises off the website as well as the tummy exercises that work. I have also been going for a 2-3 km jog at night when time permits. I do the DVD throughout the day when my kids are happy or sleeping. My hubby is still working away so the DVD is so perfect for me as it can be done in 10-15 min sections- who needs a gym!!!!
Since I have stopped feeding I have started to count calories a lot more strictly and I have had to drop my 3 extra snacks a day- not as easy as I thought! That’s where the handy daily food dairy ( that you get FREE when you sign up to the eat move lose challenge) comes in very handy as it helps a lot to control what you put in your mouth when you know you have to write to down!
I have been sticking to the 28 day plan by picking and choosing my meals, snacks and smoothies.
I have also been enjoying a lot of the breakfasts from the 28 day plan on mornings where we stay at home and don’t have to rush off in the morning.
My kids and I have been busy baking and have made several of the treats from the website like the zucchini ham and cheese muffins.
I am very happy to have reached my first mini goal of being less than 60kg and I rewarded myself with some nice green tea and a new teapot.
I have almost reached my first weightloss goal of reaching 55kg- only a few kg to go!
My weight is getting a lot harder to lose but I know I am shrinking as I have lost 9.5 cm from my body in just a few weeks.
I am also super excited that I have now lost over 20kg- I am still so amazed that I have done this, I never thought it was ever possible!!
My measurements are:

  • Weight: 58.8kg down 1.2kg and a total of 20.2kg since starting Lose Baby Weight in June
  • Bust: 80cm down 5cm (stopped breast feeding)
  • Waist: 71cm no change
  • Hips: 83cm down 4cm
  • Thighs: 54cm down 0.5cm

If you haven’t signed up for the eat, move, lose challenge due to start in January 2014 you should!!
Stay happy and healthy xoxo