This week marks the one year anniversary of my love affair with Lose Baby Weight!
It was this time last year in 2013 that I made the first step towards a healthier lifestyle for my family and I. As excited as I was to turn things around health-wise, I was also hesitant. Usually, the Christmas period isn’t the time to start a health kick but I was determined to make changes as soon as I could.

Like most family Christmases, ours is always full of the usual decadent food and overeating. I had to make a conscious decision to watch my portion control and to ensure I made the best food choices I could whilst not feeling like I was ‘missing out’. As I was only just beginning to use Lose Baby Weight recipes and products the range of food at our family gatherings were still what I would consider to be high in fat, salt and sugar. This year however, I’m aiming to tackle Christmas and the ‘silly season’ with all the healthy information I’ve gathered this past year from the Lose Baby Weight website and books. I can’t wait to make some of the yummy treats from the Christmas and New Year Healthy Cookbook.
I’m also really excited to be a part of the Reduce Sugar Challenge December this month. Although I feel I eat quite well nowadays, processed sugary foods and drinks were a huge vice of mine when I was 34kgs heavier. This month I am pledging to be more aware of the hidden processed sugars in foods I buy regularly for my family, and to cut back or find healthier alternatives where I can. And now that the Healthy Mummy smoothies are 96% sugar free, I know that my days will be off to a great start!
To keep me accountable – and to make sure I don’t derail all my hard work over the festive season – I’ve signed up for the January 28-Day Challenge. Having done the previous three Challenges, I know there really is no better way to stay on track with eating and fitness goals. Plus, I love the amazing recipes and daily exercises. It’s like a personal trainer and nutritionist at my disposal day and night. And the very fact that I can customise the menu to suit my family’s likes and dislikes suits me to a tee.
I know that with Lose Baby Weight and the support of all the women on the Facebook group, 2015 will most definitely be my healthiest year yet!
Reduce sugar

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