Hello Beautiful ladies (Yes you!) welcome to my mid- month blog!
I am loving this round of the 28 day weightloss challenge!! Dinners have been a massive hit in my house, and the Healthy Mummy smoothies are still pretty damn delicious and super quick and easy! Which is always a must when you are a busy mum.
Lose Baby Weight

This first week has been up and down, I won’t lie, beginning of April is never fun for me, grief and sadness would normally send me straight to the drive-thru or to the bottom of an ice cream tub. NOT this year! I put all the energy towards running! It is a perfect stress relief and has been my saving grace.
I am proud to say that I have stuck to the meal plan pretty well and as long as I’m getting at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day whether it be challenge exercises, the Healthy Mummy DVD or simply a walk with the kids – I’m happy, if I can squeeze more things in that’s an added bonus! It was my partner’s birthday recently and yes – I ate some cake and had an amazing roast dinner, but that’s ok, that’s life – tomorrow is a new day. Living life every now and again is never a bad thing as – long as you get back too it the next day. Moderation is key.
Lose Baby Weight- belly buster
My goals this month are small and achievable

  • Get down to my goal weight of 60kgs – 4kgs to go!
  • Drink at least 2L of water throughout the day
  • Go for a walk every morning

Not a huge list, I don’t want to set myself up for failure before I begin, so small and simple. The scales are still yet to move, but by the end of April they will! I have always been terrible with drinking water so this one is huge! So far so good! And I don’t feel ‘blah’ all the time, water is good!
Most mornings I have been good, feeding the boys, getting them dressed and into the pram for a morning walk and trip to the playground – it’s a win win, I get my walk in and the kids think I’m the best mum ever for taking them to the park almost every day.  Once I reach my goals I’ll celebrate with a new outfit and work on my next goal.
It’s the small things that really help us to stay on track, and no matter what excuses we tell ourselves, I’ve learnt to “just do it” while I might give myself every reason why I shouldn’t, there are a thousand more reasons why I should, not just for the month of April but for the rest of my life. Lose Baby Weight has inspired me and most importantly given me the skills and knowledge to live a healthier and happier life, and even if it’s the smallest, teeny tiniest thing, I hope I have somehow helped you in any way, shape or form. We can do this, it may not be fast, but progress is still progress. Bring on the rest on the 28 day weightloss challenge!
Talk soon Jess x
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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