Hi Mummies, my name is Jess and I have lost 14kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose baby Weight-14kg Loss

Week 1 I had a 1kg lose, which is good for me. I normally lose anywhere from 200-500g per week. I used to be disheartened losing such small amounts but since focusing on my measurements I’m much happier. I’m only 11kg off my pre pregnancy weight.
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I have really focused on my fitness and have completed the challenge exercises everyday. I started a new job as well which threw me a little with my eating but I still managed to exercise everyday.
I was still eating healthy just no where near as many calories as I should have been.
This is something I have struggled with for awhile. For so long I had it in my head that the only way to lose weight was to consume 1000 calories or less, it’s taken me since April to finally understand how important consuming the correct amount of calories is.
If you haven’t checked your BMR, you should.
I have been having a smoothie for breakfast every morning, and either a smoothie or something from the 28 day challenge menu for lunch.
Dinner has consisted of a meal from the 28 day challenge but I have put a vegetarian twist to them. I’m loving all the new recipes and the sweets. The Banana & Cashew Ice Cream to delicious.
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I have made sure to pre pack my snacks whenever we are going out.
I always pack the kids their snacks and used to completely forget about myself, resulting in me picking up a chocolate bar from the shop or going through drive through. Preparation really is the key.
Some of the sweet snacks (such as the Almond Butter Fudge) have been very tempting to binge on the whole lot of making.
To beat this I place single serves in ziplock bags with the day (Mon, Tue, Wed….) so I know to only eat that one serve on that particular day. If I had the whole lot in one container I would be too tempted to eat the lot in one go.
My aim for the next few weeks is to be prepared with my work lunches and snacks and focus on consuming the correct calories while we settle back into the work, daycare and kinder juggle.
Looking forward to watching your progress and sharing my journey with you.
Jess xx
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