Hi I’m Jay, I am 24 and a mum to two little girls, 15months and 4 months.
I came across The Healthy Mummy through facebook when I was pregnant with my second and my weight crept onto the heaviest I have ever been.
After going through and reading the motivating posts from other mummy’s, staff and the simply divine meals everyone was posting photos of I knew this would be the weight loss support I needed.lose baby weight 35kg lossMy weight has always been up and down and I have always struggled with it.
When I fell pregnant with my first in 2014 I weighed a healthy 65Kg, my weight got up to 100kg during that pregnancy and since I fell pregnant soon after having my weight spiralled even further out of control.
On November 28th 2015 the day after I gave birth to my youngest I weighed in at 122kg. I was depressed, had lost all confidence, self esteem, and had no energy to be able to function day to day life and give my daughters the energetic happy mother they deserved.

Once settled at home I did the best thing I could have done for myself,  I ordered a tub of the Healthy Mummy smoothie mix and a few of the cook books. I used the Heathy Mummy website to calculate my BMR and the correct amount of calories I should be consuming each day. The weight quickly dropped at the start which was the energy boost I needed.

Since ordering my first smoothie tub I have not gone a morning without one. It fits into my routine great as it is the most busy time of my day and i know that i can quickly wizz one up and it will be nutritious, filling and lets not forget to mention delicious. I use the cook books and the free recipes on the website and i have not once felt like I am missing out on anything or depriving myself.

I now have signed up to Personal training sessions twice a week which is really the push I needed when I’m the type who makes excuses of “I’m too tired”, “not tonight ill go tomorrow”.
I  recently got The Healthy Mummy workout DVD and wow it is a workout for sure. My toddler loves joining in with me also so its great we can make it fun for her also.

Since the birth of my youngest I have lost 35kg* and feel fantastic!
My energy is through the roof now and I’m starting to beam with confidence. I definitely have not finished my journey I am still ways off yet but I WILL get there with the support of the HM ladies, the amazing recipes (can you say Lava Cake? yum!) and my morning smoothie ritual.
I have my blow out days where I can help it and eat everything in the fridge but I no longer sit around and dwell on it, I get up that next morning and just push myself that bit harder.

It doesn’t matter how many time you fall off the wagon, as long as you keep getting back up.

Jay xx
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