Motivating Mum Jade Shaw has been sharing her 30 Day Visual Diary on the Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group on Facebook.
Join in and share yours! jadefood

Hi beautiful mummies
This month I challenged you to the  “30 Day Visual Food Diary Challenge” and wow what an amazing challenge it has been. I love seeing all your yummy meals everyday and all the wonderful Lose Baby Weight meals on show.
It has been a great way to keep us on track and keeping us accountable of the food we are putting into our mouths.
I love how I now double think every single thing I eat now as I no at the end of the day all my cards will be laid on the table and everyone will be seeing what I eat and let’s face it I don’t want to let you all down nor do I want to let myself down.
Thank you to all the ladies apart of the challenge and keep the beautiful food diaries coming. You are all doing amazing.
It’s not to late to join. If you are interested in joining take photos of all your meals and create a collage. I do a daily check in between 6pm-8pm where you can also share your day.
Jade x
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