Hi Mummies!
I’m Irene – one of the Motivating Mums for Lose Baby Weight this month and I have lost 24kg.  I hope you are all going well for the June challenge so far!
Lose Baby Weight-24kg Loss
It’s been a few dreary and gloomy rainy days lately, so I have been working on my exercise at home using the Lose Baby Weight DVD. The exercises are great because they are in short intervals (about 10 minutes long) so you can pick up where you’ve left off quite easily. This is totally essential in my busy mummy life!
I have noticed a massive change in my legs and thighs. My waist is showing more and my arms are getting more toned as well.
My problem area is probably like most of you, my tummy!!! I have decided to incorporate planking into my work out routine as I have a slipped disc sitting on my sciatic nerve and this is the best way for me to work out my core muscles without hurting my back.
At the beginning of June I weighed 78.5kg and my goal for this month is to reach 74kg. I am now 76.5kg, and half way there!
Reaching 74kg will be absolutely amazing for me because that is how much I weighed when I fell pregnant to my daughter almost 4 years ago.
healthy eating meal plans
On the Lose Baby Weight Facebook group, I often see questions about how to start eating fruits and vegetables if you have had a horrible diet for so long. I totally get it.
I was doing everything you shouldn’t be doing; skipping breakfast, eating fast food, drinking sugary soft drinks. I’ve put together a list of things YOU can do to put those bad habits to a STOP!

  • Get ALL soft drinks out of the house – taking them out of the pantry and fridge will mean that they’re not around to tempt you
  • Make meals in advance – preparing bulk lots of lunches and dinners can help you to stay on track with your healthy diet
  • Mask vegetables – if you find it hard to eat vegetables, try hiding them! Start with blending them up into sauces, pureeing them into your potato mash/cous cous/rice/pasta, and then you can start grating them on top of meals. Sometimes my almost 3 year old is picky with her vegetables (okay, most of the time!) so I have to hide her vegies. I feel good knowing she is eating healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods… and she doesn’t suspect a thing! Mwa ha ha!
  • Snack on fruits and nuts – my favourite snack is almonds with dried dates. If you snack on little healthy things between main meals you’re keeping yourself full, and eating often will help your metabolism to work faster and burn more fat
  • Get out of the house! Given that the weather is good, put on your joggers, put your baby in the pram and go! Don’t even think about it. Once you’re out and walking, breathing in that fresh air and feeling those endorphins running through your blood you will feel amazing!
  • Have breakfast!!! Don’t skip the most important meal of the day. My mornings are a rush with a baby and toddler to look after, and I find the Lose Baby Weight smoothies are so simple and easy. They’ve been a part of my daily routine since January!

I hope these tips have helped you to curb any of those bad habits and to start moving your body more. You can do this! Good luck for the rest of June, ladies! 🙂
Irene xx

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