The amazing Hayley Lloyd has lost an incredible 19kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares an amazing view on becoming confident in yourself while losing weight.
And check out her gorgeous hair makeover!
Looking gorgeous Hayley!

Confidence. This one word has haunted me most of my life. Everything that you do people always put an emphasis on being confident. For me being confident was daunting, I didn’t know how to be confident. How do you be confident when all you see are flaws? How do you be confident when you feel like a stranger in your own body? I didn’t even know what confidence felt like.
They always say fake it till you make it but the problem with that is how was I meant to fake something I knew nothing about? How can one fake a characteristic they have never experienced personally?
Losing weight is slowly unlocking my confidence, confidence that has always been there but has just been lying dormant. I am still nowhere near the most confident I could be, it is a hard thing to learn. From hating your body your whole life and trying to hide yourself in the crowd it is then hard to turn that around and be confident in the way I hold myself. But I am starting small. I want to be confident, I want to feel amazing about myself.hayley7
When I look in the mirror instead of seeing all my flaws and seeing how much more weight I have to lose I try to focus on the positives. I focus on my jaw line becoming more defined, my dimples deepening as they are no longer lost in my chubby cheeks, the muscles in my thighs starting to show and my butt starting to lift.
You can’t become confident if you are hung up on your flaws and are constantly negative about yourself. Confident people love themselves, they raise themselves up instead of putting themselves down. So this is what I am working on.hayley8
I have slowly been gaining the confidence to try on different styled clothes and wearing different styled lipstick, small steps. Well the other day I made the big daunting decision to cut off my hair. I have always had the same styled hair and have never been confident enough to try different styles.
I was always too scared but it dawned on me the other day that what do I have to lose? The worst that could happen is that I hate it but I already hated my long boring hair so I took the plunge. I got it all cut off. I walked in with long, boring and dull hair that had massive regrowth and walked out with a long concave bob and very subtle blonde balayage. I LOVE IT! I feel like a new woman! I look like a new woman! It has also helped boost my confidence! A new look for a new Hayley and I am totally loving it! I am loving the person I am becoming.
Without Lose Baby Weight I never would have been able to be on this successful weight loss journey. I use all the products as they are all truly amazing! Without them I never would have been able to learn to love myself and my flaws. I never would have known what confidence feels like. I still have a long way to go in the confidence department but I am definitely headed in the right direction.
Hayley xx
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