Motivating Mum Hannah Wells has lost over an amazing 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about what keeps her on track.

Goodness, 2 weeks into December already … how are we all going with avoiding tempting foods and keeping up with our daily exercises?
My weight loss has been a very slow process this past 1.5 months, but I persist as I know every day counts and if I lose focus on my goal, I know I will derail and cave in to my old snacking habits. Even though the numbers haven’t shifted, I feel great; smaller clothes are fitting and I look in the mirror and like what I see, I feel stronger and have more energy and motivation to run around and play with my kids, whereas before I started Lose Baby Weight I would sit back and watch, because I was tired all the time.
What keeps me on track?
*The 28 Day Challenge meal plans, Healthy Mummy Smoothies and daily exercises. I am repeating meals and all the exercises from the November 28 Day Challenge. I’ve started to really crave that feeling of accomplishment if I can tick off my exercises on my ‘to do’ list for the day. I also walk 4km 4 times a week and am doing the Tone Up challenge which was released in August.
*I also weigh myself daily. Now this isn’t for everyone as it can play with your emotions and motivation if you don’t see what you want to see, but I use it as an experiment on how my body reacts to different things so I can fine tune my habits. For example, if I eat later in the evening or if I eat carbs at dinner time, if I don’t exercise for a day or 2 or if I don’t drink enough water – on me these cause gains. Now. this isn’t a fine science and everyone loses weight differently because we are different people and our bodies all work differently, this is just something that helps me.
*Progress pictures. As you can see there is only 1 kg difference in the 1 month between these pictures and I narrowed this down to the November 28 Day Challenge exercises helping me to tone and gain muscle weight. I can actually feel definition in my legs, bum and arms now.

What am I doing to combat xmas temptation?

  • Regifting is ok! If someone gives you chocolates, candy canes or shortbread – Regift it to someone else.
  • I bake treats at Christmas time for gifts and the kids to do, choosing options from the Lose Baby Weight Christmas eBook makes this a load off my conscience, knowing my kids aren’t loaded with sugar and butter, and neither am I.
  • My family has foodie traditions (remember hubby is a chef), so we have panatone eggy bread and eggnog for breakfast, hubby likes his Quality Street chocolates, the old family favorite potato salad always makes an appearance, then there’s the buttery croissants with leftover Christmas ham and cheese for boxing day breaky… Great news is, ‘traditions change’! and those old favorites will be having a Lose Baby Weight makeover as there are some great recipes in the Lose Baby Weight Christmas eBook.

My goal is still to reach pre-pregnancy weight before 2015 (that’s only 2 kg away) and I intend on making it happen. Keep up the excellent work ladies.
Hannah Wells
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