Motivating Mum Hannah Wells loses an amazing 13kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her goals for the New Year!

Safe to say we have made it past Christmas and only have one more little hurdle to overcome before we start a fresh in 2015. I’ve really enjoyed being a Motivating Mum for you all during this food tempting, sweet filled, holiday lazing month. It’s been tough at times and my scales have not been kind (losing only 1kg this month again), but I hope that following my posts and seeing that I never give up on the chase to reach my goals, it has inspired some of you to continue and not let setbacks or those problem plateaus derail you.
I have completed 3 rounds of 28 Day Challenges now, repeated the plans and exercises during the off months and have lost 12kg in total since July 2014. I am really looking forward to starting the next round on January 5th as I’m sure many of you are too.
Congratulations to all of you who have signed up and will be joining me in January and to those of you following the 100 Day Challenge too. The Facebook Private Support Group and the January’s Motivating Mums will be on board with you 110% to make it a breeze to start/continue your weight loss journey and hit those goal milestones, be them weight related or non-scale victories.
This time of year, everyone is making New Years promises, well here’s mine:
For January (weight loss related):

  • Drink more Green Tea (metabolism boosting)
  • Re-calculate and Count my daily calorie intake again (could be the reason for my plateau)
  • Complete the full Lose Baby Weight DVD at least, each week
  • Take weekly measurements and progress pictures
  • Run 1/4 of the track I normally walk &
  • Lose 4kg

For 2015 in general, I promise myself to:

  • Read a book (I haven’t read a book cover to cover since my daughter was born 4.5yrs ago)
  • Go wakeboarding (I love to snowboard, but wearing a swimsuit in public has stopped me trying it)
  • Take a family holiday, anywhere
  • Join a gym/swimming pool/crèche
  • & of course there’s my weight loss promises – if I can lose 12kg in the past 6 months, I can lose the final 14kg in 2015 and be the fit, toned, strong, happy mummy I know myself to be by my birthday in June.

Make your promises ladies, make your motivation boards, make it happen !
Best Wishes for 2015 xx
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