Motivating Mum Gabrielle Cunningham has lost over 8kg with Lose Baby Weight and is loving the new healthy lifestyle.

Hello Healthy Mummies!!
It’s Gabrielle of your Motivating Mums this month! What I way to start a new year with a 28 Day Challenge! I’m sure everyone is loving it! The very first day of the challenge I woke up with a head cold!! Much to my disapproval of this cold that had taken up residence in my head, it never wavered my excitement for this challenge nor did it throw me off track, the old me would have ate vegemite toast all day a laid on the couch but not the new me, I still stuck to my meal plan and did low impact exercise in my lounge room with tissues shoved up my nose!!
So I wanted to share how Lose Baby Weight has changed my lifestyle. Since starting my journey with Lose Baby Weight I have had the most consistency with this lifestyle change than any other in the past. I have at last gained momentum. The old me use to wake up in the morning and think…Somehow I have to get through this whole day eating healthy…I absolutely dreaded the day ahead knowing I would never get through the day without binging on whatever I could find.
These days those thoughts don’t even cross my mind, I know within myself 100% I will be able to continue the lifestyle! It’s so incredibly joyful and I’m absolutely loving it!! I’ve always appreciated wholesome healthy food so adapting all these recipes to my weekly menu plans is so exciting to me, I get filled with this overwhelming amazing feeling when I open my fridge and see it stocked to the brim with nutritious goodness, I know that may sound a bit weird to some but it makes me really happy 🙂 I love all the knowledge I have gained from Lose Baby Weight.
Just the other day I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself because I now make my own muesli and berry compotes to mix with Greek yoghurt and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment because I don’t have to buy these things anymore. I save so much on my grocery bill now by making these things from scratch and having no wastage, everything gets used and that’s so important in this day and age. I’m really enjoying the Healthy Mummy Smoothies they taste amazing and I will definitely continue to use them and experimenting with new flavours is quite fun! All the best with the rest of the challenge!!
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