Hi my name is Andrea and I am one of the countdown to summer motivating mums and I have lost 30kgs with Lose Baby Weight.
I first Found Lose baby weight in September Last year (2014) and have been following ever since. I am a Mum of three 10, 7 and a 1 years old whom I am still breastfeeding. I started my journey when my youngest was about three weeks old and haven’t looked back.
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss

I started my journey weighing in at 93kg (I am 178cm tall) and currently am 63 kg so a total loss of 30 kg which just blows my mind. I never dreamt of getting this far and have passed all my original goals which I am so very proud of myself for.
One of the most frequently asked questions I get whether it is on Facebook or in person is always to do with Motivation. This got me thinking about motivation and what it actually is and what it does for us.
Motivations meaning: is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.
Motivation for every person is different and finding what motivates you can be a very personal journey with many different factors.
After being asked so many times what motivated you to start, what motivated you to keep going and any other motivation I really sat down and thought, what actually motivated me for all of these things and as I sat down to these questions and really contemplated them I discovered that many different things have motivated me and kept me motivated, and as I continue on my journey and with the Lose baby weight lifestyle my motivation continues to change.
Saying that my motivation was a lot of things and these are some of the things that have helped me get where I am today.
After battling with my weight for many years the birth of my third child and my first daughter really stepped up my motivation in finding something that could help me lose the extra weight I was carrying once and for all.
My original motivation stemmed from my own reflection and the embarrassment that I felt about my own body. My weight was affecting me both physically and emotionally and was having a massive effect on my mental health.
So I became my own motivation at first I felt a bit selfish but then soon realised I was doing this for myself and improving myself would also improve my kids life as well as I hoped that if I was happier in my own skin then I would be happier in general.
This has certainly been the case and I feel that I am a much happier, positive and most importantly more involved parent something that makes me so extremely happy.
So after reminiscing I soon discovered my own self was my motivation, and it is perfectly ok for you to want to do this for you.
healthy eating meal plans
Of course being healthier and happier for my kids is also a motivation but I could not achieve any of this without all of the above.
As my Journey began and progressed my motivation also changed as the weight slowly came off and I learnt how amazing Lose baby weight and the Healthy mummy smoothies are I soon found my motivation being that it was actually working.
I was enjoying a weight loss program, I was enjoying eating I was enjoying exercise and I was enjoying what I was achieving. My success was becoming my motivation; I was motivated because I was losing weight so I kept going.
A few months into my journey I shook things up and joined a gym and this started my 5 am alarms and at first I really hated that alarm and really needed some motivation to get up get ready and leave for the gym.
To begin with my motivation was all the other successful mums from lose baby weight who had lost weight and where so much fitter and healthier. I wanted to become one of them and to do that it meant getting up early and going to the gym.
After a few weeks I soon learned that exercising was having a massive positive effect on my mental health and the days I didn’t exercise I really felt down so this became my new motivation.
As I continue on my journey and my focuses change so does my motivation and this is what keeps us on track, my motivation is still to improve myself as well as being a better mum to my kids.
Seeing the amazing woman on the Facebook page begin or continue their journey is also such an amazing and inspiring motivation. I also hope that my journey is able to inspire or even possibly motivate some of you.
But remember this is your own journey and what motivates you will be totally different to what motivates the next person, find your motivation and follow it. You can achieve what you work towards.
Andrea x

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