Motivating Mum Elle Temple has lost over an amazing 23kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her story.

Hi healthy mummies!!!
I am a young single mum to an 8 month old baby boy. I have lost over 23kg on the Lose Baby Weight Plans and I’d like to share my story with you!
I have struggled with being overweight my whole life. From the age of 8 years old I was bullied and teased for being slightly bigger than average, I very lazy as a child and avoided exercise like the plague! I always came last in sports day and claimed I had asthma, so I could get out of Phys Ed classes. I would always over indulge in food as it was a comfort to me and I rarely ate healthy food, it was always biscuits and chocolate.
At 16 years old when I was in beauty college I decided to start eating healthier and running daily (3km), I did well for 3 months and then I got bored of it and the weight crept back on.
At age 17 I began taking all different sorts of diet pills which became a very expensive and obsessive habit. I was constantly looking for quick fix solutions, only to lose a couple of kilos and then eventually my body would become accustomed to them.
Although I was never huge, I was 68-72kg at 160cm that put me at 8kg over my healthy weight range and I had a very negative view of my body and very little confidence.
When I fell pregnant at 20, I was in a very unhealthy relationship with my partner I had been with for two years. As the stress and unhappiness took over, my eating became disgustingly unhealthy, a full dominos pizza, KFC, McDonalds, Chicken wings, brownies, ice cream, soft drink, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. By 12 weeks pregnant I had stacked on 7kg. After going through a rough time, breaking up with my baby daddy and moving back with my parents I was eating for comfort. By 5 months pregnant I hit over 86kg. My midwife expressed concern that I was gaining much more weight than I needed to, it was then that I realised that my eating habits had to change. I tried to eat healthier options and at full term I reached 90kg.
I decided to cut out fast food and start looking into post baby weight loss programs. I had found Lose Baby Weight and was amazed at all of the transformations on the websites and it was great to find something suitable for new mums and breastfeeding. I followed the Facebook pages but it wasn’t until 7 weeks post partum that I weighed myself and decided that I was ready to lose the baby weight and get back in shape. I was 83.6kg and I knew that this time I had to stick to it and give it my all.
I ordered the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and told myself I would stick to the 28 days, no exceptions or treats and then after the 28 days I could allow myself occasional treats. I started walking every second day with my baby in the pram.
One thing that was different this time was that I had a new found inner strength and determination, becoming a mum, severe sleep deprivation and at times in motherhood thinking, ‘I really don’t think I can do this’, to realising that yes, you can cope with going through labour, recovery and waking up every half an hour for weeks. Being mums, we have an inbuilt strength, I truely realised that going out of your comfort zone can be the best thing for self development and realising, YOU CAN DO THIS. Applying this mentality to weight loss and becoming healthy helped me so much.
I had to go cold turkey with my chocolate addiction. It was the best thing I ever did for my weight loss. It wasn’t the chocolate taste I craved, it was the sugar I was addicted to. The Lose Baby Weight Plans have such great sweet alternatives and I found that I really didn’t feel like I was missing out! After completing the first 28 days I had lost over 6kg, I was amazed! I had actually done it! I set myself a goal of losing 20kg by Christmas.
I repeated my favourite recipes from the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan, and in September I decided I needed to change it up and join the 28 Day Challenge! This was exactly what I needed, new recipes to keep me satisfied and never getting bored of eating the same thing.
I was walking regularly but I was ready to push the boundaries and start running. Every second day I would run a little bit further in distance. To start it was very hard as I was so unfit but gradually my fitness improved and so did my mindset, I just had to ignore my mind telling me to stop and push through that barrier.
I reached my Christmas goal 2 weeks early and by Christmas Day I was down to 62kg!!!
Now in January my weight loss is slowing down as expected but I’m so happy with my new lifestyle and I would never go back to my unhealthy and lazy ways! I can now run 12km and I regularly use the Lose Baby Weight Exercise DVD to help me tone my body.
My self confidence is at the highest it’s ever been and I feel great!
My favourite smoothie this month has been
The Choc Cherry Smoothie
-250ml milk
-2 tbsp chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie powder
-100gr frozen pitted cherries
-1/2 tbsp natural peanut butter
My sweet tooth craving was nailed by the Peanut Butter Fudge Bars!!! YUM!
My favourite challenge recipe was the chicken and avocado salad!
Keep going!
Elle Temple xx
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