Motivating Mum Eliza Carige has lost an amazing 12kgs and can’t wait to tackle the 28 Day Challenge!!!
A huge hello to all you beautiful mums,
My name is Eliza Carige and I am a Motivating Mum for November. I am a mum of a 6 month old boy. I also work 2-3 days a week as a supply teacher.
I will be here every step of the way. I want to be someone you feel comfortable asking any questions to. No question is insignificant, or stupid. Let’s face it, we are running on minimal sleep, caring and tending to every single need of our children, husbands/boyfriends/friends/families and households. We are BUSY to say the least.
I commend you for taking the first HUGE step in thinking about yourself and beginning a new healthy lifestyle change, YOU are worth it, YOU are important, YOU are the glue that keeps your family together and running smoothly and if you are not healthy and happy, then your household will know it.
This challenge will be tough! But the results will be amazing!! The recipes are amazing and super quick to make. The exercises are achievable, in our busy day to day lives. The tough days, will be the little voice trying to bring you down or trying to tell you, you don’t have time or it might make you feel guilty for looking after yourself! These are the days, you need to reach out and I will give you tips on how to kick that voice in the BUTT!! Or just lend my ear.
The Lose Baby Weight program is life changing. I am not here to make any excuse as to why or how I put on weight in my pregnancy. But wow I stacked it on with ease (I distinctly remember eating ice-cream in 45 degree heat like it was going out of fashion, thinking the baby needed calcium??? OHH MY). Thank goodness I found Lose Baby weight. I was completely self conscious and not wanting to have photos with my new bundle of joy.
I began my healthy lifestyle change with the September Challenge and I will sing praises of the program until the cows come home!!! I have learnt, portion control, the importance of measuring out ingredients, variety to keep the taste buds tantalised, trying new combinations/food groups, less is best and let the freshness stand out, the use of spices and most importantly organisation being the key! I never imagined learning SO much. Lose Baby weight has given me lifelong tools to being a healthy role model for my son, a million thank you’s to Rhian and her team will never be enough. This is not a fad diet, its education of HOW to be successful and managing your weight and looking on the outside how we feel on the inside.
On this wonderful program I have lost 12kg to date. I started at 100.7kg. Pre Baby weight is 80 kg. My goal weight is between 70kg. I WILL reach my goal. I am 100% committed to bringing my sexy back, to bringing the woman who has hidden all these years and helped and focused on everyone else but herself! She is becoming more prominent everyday! I will be a confident mother, who looks at her reflection and loves who she is!! This is why I wanted to be a Motivating Mum, to anyone out there who can relate, YOU will become healthy by following the Lose Baby Weight recipes, YOU will lose weight with hard work and determination and YOU will feel confident in your skin!

Throughout the Challenge I have a few goals:

  • I am saying goodbye to coffee and sugar in the morning
  • I will eat to my customised plan from the challenge for the WHOLE of November
  • I will exercise everyday
  • I will try and put that smile on my dial when times get tough
  • I will turn around days when I feel stuck or want to revert back to old ways
  • I will be here to support anyone who needs help throughout the challenge
  • I will lose 3 kg
  • I will be able to run 4km non stop by the end of November
  • My final words of inspiration are: eat clean, work that mumma tooshy off, have FUN, enjoy the sunshine and smile everyday!!
  • I will be thinking of you each day

Eliza xxxxx
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