Beautiful mummies,
This month is going really well! Everyone is super motivated, which is great. I have now lost over 25kgs from following the Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Weightloss Challenges.
This month I have been trying to post lots of what I am doing, I hope it has been inspirational!
Lose Baby Weight-25kg Loss
For April I set myself a goal of eating all dishes inspired by Lose Baby Weight which means I am eating really clean. I have succeeded in not binge eating, I have not given in to one temptation which over Easter let’s face it, I wanted to lock myself in the cupboard! But by being able to control my binge eating, I have gained loads of confidence that – I AM in control!
I have noticed my mind is constantly playing cat and mouse. It’s actually quite exhausting. However like every craving it subsides and is becoming easier. I’m past the point of being a little doubtful and now believe 100% I will be able to have nothing unhealthy all month.
lose baby weight- belly buster
With saying that I have noticed how much having Lose Baby Weight goodies as snacks on hand, how much it helps. I use the Guilt Free cookbook a lot. I look forward to the healthier option of baking goods, I don’t feel guilty after, as they are packed full of goodness and hit the spot as they are so tasty.
My exercise has been a little less than I would have liked. I need to look for ways to improve my time management to suit the changes which are happening at the moment. It’s always a balancing act. I often use to think it’s just too hard, but now I give myself a little break and be happy with what I can manage!
I am loving the 28 Day Weightloss Challenges every month, as I would I often lose my way in-between the months.
I am now 5kg pre pregnancy weight and enjoying new found interests, due to my new found confidence! Even though some days might become tough, keep your head held high and look to the future!
All the best on your wonderful journey!
Eliza Xx
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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