Motivating Mum Eleanor Hannah has been following the March round of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is sharing her meals, tips and advice.

Hi Mummies I am a 33 yr old mum of 4 and we have my step daughter down every fortnight so sometimes 5, our children are 8wks, 2 yrs, 4 yrs and 10 so we have at least 3 children eating the meals and they all eat a decent serve so most times I customise the main meals to suit 6 and the during the day meals I have customised to two as miss two is home during the day, then the weekend menu has been customised for 6 at every meal.


I didn’t change any of the meal plan around for the first week so I had basically the full shopping list to purchase as we have got a little slack since bub was born so our cupboards were far from stocked up. I went to 3 places to do my shopping the local supermarket, the fruit shop and the butcher, I find the butcher cheaper and easier as I can request the exact amounts of meat I need rather than buying pre packs.   I customised the Meal planner (super easy even with kids around) and went grocery shopping on Thursday, so starting the meals Friday there were a few ingredients I hadn’t seen before or heard of but a quick google helped me know what I needed, and there are a few fruits that aren’t in season here so I bought frozen instead of fresh, but apart from a few things we already had our total shopping was $220 for the entire list, our normal shopping is $150 but like I said I didn’t have anything already in the cupboards so I know the next shop will be a lot cheaper as things will be used in recipes again.
As a busy mum I have found the recipes quick and easy to prepare around the kids and our general busy life and the kids have been helping as well all of the dinner meals we have tried have been under the 10min prep time and the instructions have been super easy to understand, and surprisingly even with new things the children haven’t tried before the have eaten everything I have served 🙂
I am also adding in a smoothie every day I have it first thing when I wake up while I’m sorting lunches etc, then have the cooked breakfast once I’ve done kindy/school drop offs.
So first week down I’m really enjoying the meals my fav was definitely the Harissa chicken and I normally don’t enjoy spicy things, and the strawberry banana and ricotta on toast was amazing and I don’t like banana those are just a couple of my favs.
I have LOVED week one so far and so has the whole family. Looking forward to week twos menu!
Eleanor xx
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