Motivating Mum Deb Daly has lost over an amazing 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her top tips to get back on track when you have slip ups.Lose Baby Weight_11kg_loss

Hello again lovely Mums!!
The end of my first month as a Motivating Mum is nearly here and I must say it has flown! It’s been wonderful to have a new focus towards motivating others and in turn this has also motivated me! I’ve already smashed my recent goal of running 4km consistently and today clocked up over 8km for the 3rd time in a week! Having the support of so many other mums on Facebook in The Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Support Group keeps me inspired, motivated and genuinely excited to share my successes and motivate others! If you haven’t joined this group yet, you MUST!!
I also have a bit of a recipe addiction and have been in my element trying new recipes from the Healthy Spring & Summer Cookbook – Savoury Pumpkin Muffins are my favourite, and as my 13 month old son had 4 for morning tea I’d say they are a winner with the kids too!
So far it sounds like I’m a fitness machine, cooking guru and have pretty much not done anything ‘unhealthy’ doesn’t it??? – But that’s actually not the case.
I choose to focus on the positives and what I am doing well – but during this month there have been ‘slip ups’. Some days:

  • I couldn’t be bothered exercising to the extent I planned
  • I didn’t drink as much water as I should.
  • I had too many snacks –including big portions of the Strawberry and Dark Choc Parfait!! Oops!

I also chose to

  • indulge in a few alcoholic drinks
  • eat a huge meal at the pub and have a party weekend with a group of girlfriends…

Do any of these ‘slip ups’ sound familiar??
I can guarantee you WE ALL HAVE THEM. Some more than others, some more often than others, but EVERYONE makes mistakes or bad choices.  The key is to see it for what it is – a mistake or a one off event that we should enjoy! …Then simply follow these steps:
Step 1 -Learn from it – pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and focus on something POSITIVE that can give you renewed energy to keep moving forward…… and If you make another mistake??   REPEAT STEP 1!!
It’s as easy as that.  Just keep moving forward – slowly but surely you will see progress – positive results will happen and then your confidence, energy, motivation and determination will grow. This starts a cycle of success. Positive results = more inner strength = less mistakes = more positive results!!!
I like to break things down so things always seem easily achievable – these would be my three main tips to help you keep moving forward…

  1. Realise that “Failure is not the opposite of success… It is part of Success!

    “This is my all time favourite quote I saw on our Facebook Support Group.

Attitude is everything when it comes making changes. We are stopping old habits and trying to form healthy habits so it’s not going to be easy!

2. Plan

Finding what works for you is a must to keep you moving forward towards your new health and fitness goals. This is essentially what I strive to achieve amongst my busy lifestyle as a mum of 2 adorable, cheeky mischievous children! If I don’t plan I know I will slip up and make mistakes!
It takes planning and communication with hubby and our family, but it is a PRIORITY for me to be able to have time to exercise (with or without the kids), prepare healthy food and keep our family and house running (I want to say smoothly but that would be a little fib!) I may not exercise every day of the week or at the same time of each day or for as long each time but the opportunity to make snacks, plan my meals and make a shopping list, have time for a long run or short HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 3-4 times a week is there.
So if you are constantly finding you ‘slip up’and miss out on exercise or eating healthy then I encourage you plan for the week ahead. Sit down with your partner, family or friends to make your time a priority. You are worth it and deserve your own time – ultimately it will benefit those around you as well. So see it as a win win for everyone.

  1. Have support you can talk to.

Knowing that you aren’t alone on your journey to a healthier lifestyle makes everything seem that little bit easier.  Just having someone in your corner to cheer you along and tell you how great you are doing can make all the difference! Things don’t seem as bad when you are able to talk them through with someone who understands and genuinely cares. Your support may be your partner, a loved one, a dear friend or some of the 15,000+ mums trying just as hard as you on the Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group!
So if you have a bad meal, a bad day or a bad week it really doesn’t matter – what’s important is what you do once you realise you’ve slipped up. Stay positive, change something up and just keep moving forward xxx
Deb x
Ps. A bit of an FYI – I started my Lose Baby Weight journey 5 months ago at 69.4kg. At the beginning of this month as a Motivating Mum I weighed 58.1kg. I had a few slips ups and after a weekend away I weighed in at 58.8kg. Being only 156cm tall that’s a big gain for me. I got back on track with drinking more water and herbal tea, ate better meals and snacks (and had more sleep!)
I weighed in today for the purpose of writing this blog. Now, 4 days later I’m the lightest I’ve weighed so far at 57.6kg! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! xxx

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Need to stock up on Healthy Mummy Smoothies? Then see our shop here
And join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges here