Motivating Mum Deb Daly has lost an amazing 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her top tips for starting out on a healthy lifestyle change.debd1

Hello lovely Mums!
I’m absolutely loving my first month as a Motivating Mum, being able to share my journey, seeing everyone’s successes and getting such wonderful feedback from other mum’s has been fantastic! It’s certainly been a month of reflection for me as I feel that is where we can learn most about what we’ve done right so far and where we can improve – and as a Motivating Mum I want to be able to share these with you all.
So I’ve taken a bit of time of late to reflect on what is it essentially, that all of our successes have in common? I want to be able to give some simple advice to other mums who are looking for some guidance, motivation, inspiration or just a simple boost to keep their efforts going.
The simple answer to overcoming the BIGGEST hurdle no matter what your goal weight or what you have to lose is forming a HABIT.
It doesn’t have to be just one habit, and it doesn’t have to encompass everything all at once, it just has to be something you will be committed to doing ALL THE TIME!  This is where goal setting is really important because you can break everything down into small achievable steps.
You may choose to look at ONE aspect of eating and ONE aspect of exercise to start off with.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Some eating examples :

  • Cut out soft drinks.
  • Eat smaller portions.
  • Have your snacks for the day prepared in the morning.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Swap store bought chocolates for healthier Lose Baby Weight snack treats (like bliss balls!)
  • Have a meal plan written at the beginning of each week to avoid being caught out and eating unhealthy.

Some exercise examples:

  • Walk at least 3 times a week for at least 20mins.
  • Complete at least 2 sections of the Healthy Mummy DVD at least 3 times a week.
  • Complete ALL the 28 Day Challenge exercises for the month even if you have to split the rounds up during the day (or do a catch up day if need be.)

These are just a tiny portion of the possibilities you could choose! Make your new HABIT something that is important to YOU, something YOU believe is achievable and something YOU know will help create a healthier version of yourself.
As you can see there is a real similarity between goals and habits. We need goals to give us something positive to focus on. They give us direction and motivation. However, it is when we’ve repeated these goals continuously that we form a HABIT and the magic happens!! Take a look at the hundreds of success stories on here and you will see that the common factor is that each mum has essentially adopted new habits to create their healthy lifestyle.
Take the time now to jot down some realistic, achievable goals that with dedication and hard work you know you can stick to. And THE SMALLER THE GOALS THE BETTER!! Seriously!!  All the little goals will become little habits and they all add up… then BAM!! SUCCESS!!
I started my journey with two small goals – cut out soft drink, stick to Lose Baby Weight for one month. That was it. 4 weeks later I thought “Wow, I did it” so I added another goal – get on my cross trainer 3 times a week for the next month… and now I’ve gradually formed a lot of new little habits over the past 4.5 months and have lost over 11kg so far.
My latest goal is a little more challenging (for me) but I’m up to the task! I want to run at least twice a week for at least 4km and work my way up to 5km consistently before Run For The Kids at the end of March. I’m fairly confident I’ll do it since I’m only making one change at a time so it always seems achievable!
Deb x
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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