Claire Redshaw has lost an amazing 8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for Novemeber.
Hi my name is Claire Redshaw and I’m your Motivational Mummy for November.
My weight loss journey began on the 1st of Sept 2014 when I saw my reflection in the mirror and I didn’t recognise the woman starring back at me. This woman starring back wasn’t me, she was overweight, depressed and couldn’t stand the way she felt or looked but in reality it was me.
This excessive weight I had gained was a result of a combination of stressful work situations, studying full time at university and two consecutive miscarriages prior to conceiving our now amazing 7 month old daughter and obviously my recent pregnancy.
These situations brought on a lot of emotional eating not just for myself but also my husband. I had hit my rock bottom and it was ultimately that moment that led to that little switch being turned on inside me saying I HAD to do something about it and I was NO longer going to feel this way.
This is when I found Lose Baby Weight. I joined the Sept 28 Day Challenge and haven’t looked back. I’m 160cm tall and started at 88kg (the most I have ever weighed in my life). The September Challenge kick started my weight loss and I once again fell in love with healthy foods and exercise. It is easy to follow and it makes losing weight so much easy to do
The food is healthy, fresh and super easy to make and not time consuming (which is what we need as busy mums).What I love the most about Lose Baby Weight is the education I have received about nutrition. One of my main reasons for choosing to do Lose Baby Weight (other than weight loss) was to re-educate myself about nutritious food so I could provide the best foods possible for our daughter. I wanted her to eat healthy and in order to do so my husband and I had to set a good example.
I lost 4kg on the challenge and to date have lost a total of 8kg all whilst still breastfeeding my daughter and have had no effect on my milk supply at all. I use the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix daily for breakfast and on the occasional lunch if I am short on time. These days instead of sitting on the couch I’m now running daily with the pram or using the Healthy Mummy DVD.
Many of us mums are on tight budgets but you don’t need an expensive gym membership or private fitness coach to help you lose weight, all you need is determination! You just need to start somewhere. Find what you enjoy and get moving. Set small ACHIEVABLE goals with rewards to keep you motivated. I find progress pictures very beneficial, sometimes the number on the scales doesn’t move and so you get disheartened but this is when those progress pictures can pick you back up again.
Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. You need to make lifestyle changes hence, why Lose Baby Weight is fantastic. It’s not a diet, it’s just healthy eating simple as that.
So just think…….A year from today you’ll wish you had started today!
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