I have been on the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenges since December 2014 and have never looked back and  I have lost 18kg*. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14.
Lose Baby Weight-18kg Loss

The meal plans in the 28 Day Challenges where the answer I needed to help me on my journey.  I had already taught myself to eat clean and cleared out sugar and processed foods from our meals (which Lose Baby Weight also teaches if you need help with this) however I needed to learn portion control and required more variety in my meals.
I absolutely love the Healthy Mummy smoothies as they are so quick and easy to prepare for busy Mum’s on the run or with little time for themselves.
One of the most important things I have learnt about being healthy is that choosing quality over quantity or price is so important and imperative to success.
It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive to eat well, you are just making better choices.  Eg. 2 x avocados approx $4 vs a family pack of biscuits $4.
Yes you get more biscuits BUT there are no health benefits to a packet full of sugar and preservatives and they will not fill you up whereas half an avocado will and you can get 3 or 4 lunches or snacks from just 2 avocados.
It’s all about making good choices more often than not.  If you know you have a weakness for biscuits, chips, chocolate bars, soft drinks, ice creams, processed foods etc… then don’t have them in your house.
It’s the only way I was able to break the habit.  Now when I feel like a sweet treat I go to my cupboard and find either my Lose Baby Weight pre-made treats or a recipe to make one.
lose baby weight
When you do your shop and think of buying sugary foods, stop yourself and replace it with fruit or ingredients to make a Lose Baby Weight treat!
You won’t feel guilty but you will feel PROUD!  This sense of PRIDE is so powerful so run with it and aim for it often!
As soon as you have one sugary treat your body craves more, it’s a fact.  Sugar is addictive.  I don’t completely deprive myself of these things but I rarely want or crave them any more.
On the rare occasion I do feel like them I don’t bring them home.
My cravings are more for savoury meals rather than snacks and when I have a very stubborn craving that wasn’t able to be satisfied with an Lose Baby Weight meal I will have that meal as a one off.
My old downfall would be to continue eating the bad foods thinking that I’d already ruined my hard work so what’s the point?!
The point is that one bad meal WON’T ruin your hard work, many will.  This is a lifestyle change not a quick fix diet so keep at it! It will soon enough turn into a way of life for you as it did me.
I now find myself craving things like Turkey & avocado on rice crackers or choc bliss balls or my morning favourite Healthy Mummy coffee smoothie.
I have also gained a love for exercise.  I hated exercise before I started Lose Baby Weight, I really did.
Now I make sure I exercise nearly every day and I feel so much better for it and it’s no longer a chore because it’s doing something that I love and I make time for it.
I learnt to respect myself enough and gained a strong sense of self-discipline which is very important to my journey.
Putting myself first is putting my family first and that is something I have learnt with Lose Baby Weight.
Good luck on your journey!
Cheryl Berry xx

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Angela has lost 12kg* (26 pounds*) on 2 Challenges
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