Motivating Mum Chelona Ross has lost over an amazing 11kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and talks about imperfections.chelonaross

Hello Beautiful Mummy’s
I have been privileged to be chosen as a Motivating Mum for March and am having a great month so far on my journey to become the best me…
We are almost ½ way through March, I have put on weight and instead of feeling terrible I feel fantastic.The old me would be crying in the corner with a block of chocolate but the new me is embracing the changes in my body.This is part of my learning about myself and my mummy body!
I’m 32 years old and have 3 kids aged 9, 2 & 1  and run our family construction business from home. I have been using Healthy Mummy products and plans for almost 7 months and participating in the 28 Day Challenges since September 2014.
My favorite song at the moment is John Legend – All of me! it reminds me that I’m human and am perfectly imperfect!
I had a friend say “you’re never going to be like that again” pointing to a picture of me when I was younger and a competitive dancer. I know this is a fact as well as the next person but I find it frustrating that because I’ve chosen to improve my lifestyle and lose weight others automatically assume I want my body to be what I was before I had children.
Over the last 7 months I’ve  learnt to love my body and its perfect imperfections such as the 10 inch scar from the c-section I had over 9 years ago, the stretch marks that cover me from my knees to my neck, the little lines I now have on my forehead caused by thinking so deeply about my kids, right down to the cellulite on my thighs that is slowly being eaten away by my new found love of good food and exercise.
I love being a mum and get so much more from being a mum than scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. I get the strength only a mother knows that comes with unconditional love from my children.
My focus this month has been on my mindset and negativity that use to plague me and I can now safely say it no longer does.
I am finally seeing the bigger picture and what I want my weightloss  journey to represent in my life and it certainly is not that I was fat and now I’m not! It’s that I’m healthy happy and being the best me I can be ! even with my perfect imperfections…
Chelona Ross
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